Work Related Injuries 601s

Sept. 8, 2008

Effective 4/08


Kansas Athletics provides Workers’ Compensation Insurance to cover the medical expenses for any employee who is injured while he/she is performing duties for the department.

Any employee who sustains an injury (other than one that requires general first aid) is required to report the incident to his/her supervisor and/or the Human Relations Director within 48 hours of the injury. Failure to follow this notification requirement will jeopardize the employee’s rights to this benefit and subject the injured employee to bearing the costs of the injury from his/her personal health insurance.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital is the authorized provider for all medical services and Lawrence Orthopedic Surgery is approved for any orthopedic needs

Employees will be required to present a fitness for duty report from the attending physician before being allowed to return to work after an injury.

Employees must use their personal leave for any lost work time. For extended absences due to a work-related injury, workers’ compensation extended disability payments are paid at the rate of 2/3 of an employee’s gross average weekly wage beginning on the 8th day of the disability. In this situation, employees may elect to receive 100 percent of their salary by using their sick leave in addition to the 2/3 workers’ compensation payment.

The Human Resources Director serves as the Workers’ Compensation Plan Administrator. Any questions should be directed to that office.