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Sept. 9, 2006

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Sept. 9, 2006 * Memorial Stadium * Lawrence, Kan.

Postgame Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Mark Mangino

On the game:

“I think our players learned a very valuable lesson. I told them all week that this was a very good football team. They have talented kids, especially at the skill positions. We learned that you have to play hard all of the time. I think they got the message now. There was no let down. Since we always had the lead, there was always this feeling that sooner or later it was going to break open, but they came back. I want to give Louisiana Monroe credit. I was really impressed with their ballclub, especially their quarterback and receivers. They have a fine secondary that also made a lot of plays. I think we learned a lot of valuable lessons. The bottom line is we won and we are not giving it back.”

On the games big plays:

“They were all crucial. I’ll give our defense credit. They gave up a lot of passing yards, which they don’t like, but they fought until the final tick. Brandon McAnderson getting the onside kick was a big play. He nearly picked it up and ran all the way. The offense showed its fortitude in the last drive of the game, knocking them off the ball in the end and running out the clock.”

On Kansas’ secondary:

“Obviously, I think we need to learn from (the game). You never like to give up 377 yards passing. But when you take into account some of the kids who were back there this was a good learning experience. Watching themselves on tape with the coaches critiquing them will be a good learning experience. I think we will be a better secondary for having played this game.”

Strong Safety Jerome Kemp

On the ULM offense:

“We made a couple small mistakes but nothing that can’t be corrected. They had a good game plan going for them. They had a good offense and they are definitely going to win some games.”

On the two-point conversion:

“Our main concern was the tight end (Zeek Zacharie). They kept going to him all night so we thought it was going to be that or that they would try to spread us out and get the quarterback draw up the middle.”

On what Kansas learned from the game:

“We definitely need to pay more attention to our packages, our coverages and to our opponents. We didn’t necessarily overlook them but we were caught off guard.”

Running Back Jon Cornish

On the game:

“The last few minutes of the game are one of the reasons I play football. Our players were doing whatever we could to win. Brandon McAnderson’s play (onside kick recovery) was one of the best I have ever seen.”

On ULM’s defense:

“They were doing a lot different things. They were switching it up and really keyed off of us well.”

On what KU learned:

“When you have a young team like we have, you can’t come to any game in this league and expect to win. You have to come prepared every single time.”

Wide Receiver Dexton Fields

On the game:

“I thought Louisiana Monroe played pretty well. We made a few mistakes and they capitalized on those mistakes. We could play better, but they are a pretty good team. I don’t think we underestimated them, we just could not get things to work. They are a really good team.”

On Kansas’ defense:

“I think our defense will overcome it. They just had a few mistakes tonight and next week we’ll get it together.”

Linebacker Eric Washington

On the game:

“I think they surprised a lot of us with their ability. They are actually a really good team. Their quarterback draws so much attention because he scrambles well that he sucked us up and made us want to play run more because he always scrambles. They had a really good offense. We can’t take anyone lightly and we have to work hard and get better.”

On the two point conversion stop:

“19-21 is always going to make me nervous. They dropped the ball and we played good defense on the back end and came out with the victory.”

On Kansas’ defense:

“We have to stay tough in every situation. If we punt the ball or fumble the ball, we have to stay mentally focused after sudden changes. We have a bunch of young players but that should not mean anything now. We have to start strong and finish strong. We can’t be the `tale of two halves.'”

Quarterback Kerry Meier

On the game:

“We didn’t play our best game, and I think everybody saw that as well as us. We did not play up to our capabilities and expectations, but we got by. We are going to definitely have to play better to win some ball games from here on out. Tonight was a learning experience. We will just look at the film, take it all in and carry it over to next week.”

On the offense:

“When we get rolling we are a pretty good offense. Those drives are great confidence boosters and help us get over 3-and-outs. We just have to stay positive every time you step on the field.”

Head Coach Charlie Weatherbie

On exploiting the passing game:

“We felt like they were strong against the run, and we knew we were going to have to throw the ball well to move the football and we felt like we could do that. I wish we could have run it a little better. It would have given us a better opportunity at the end. I’m impressed with the way our kids fought. We had our chances. We had three missed kicks, two field goals and a missed extra point. We make that extra point and its a tie ballgame with three minutes left in the game and we’re right where we want to be in the fourth quarter. That’s what we talked about all week. We wanted to be in the game in the fourth quarter and find a way to win. I feel like we’re a well conditioned team. I think Kansas is a really good football team. I think they’re a physical, Big 12 football team. They’ll win a lot of games. I told our players today that that’s a bowl team. I really believe that, and I believe we will be too.’

On opportunities in the passing game:

“We knew we’d be able to throw and catch the football. (Kansas) Coach (Bill) Young likes to come and get you and that’s feast or famine when you come and get people like he does. You’re going to get some big plays. They’re going to get their big plays too, and I think that kept us in the game.”

On the penalty during the two point conversion:

“It was tough. The center tried snapping the ball but it slipped out of his hands and he double clutched it and it ended up hitting him in the stomach. Then we had eight yards to go and we felt like we needed the throw in that situation. We had our opportunities.”

On the two point conversion:

“I think the quarterback tried to drill it in there. I’m not sure how open it was. He felt like he could have gotten it in there to our tight end and that’s what he was trying to do. I couldn’t tell from the sideline.”

On his feelings about the flow of the game:

“I thought our defense played pretty well. If they don’t give up some of those big plays we win the football game. I was impressed with the way our defense played. I thought offensively we moved the ball well. Then there were other times when we were three and out and you can’t do that against a Big 12 football team and expect to not let you wear them down. They’re a physical team up front.”

On the Kansas crowd:

“I think our team was excited about playing. The crowd was excellent. It’s the best Kansas crowd I’ve ever seen.”

On how the game prepares them for the game against Alabama:

“We know it will be a tough ballgame. It will be a physical game against Alabama. We know that we’ll have to go play well.”

RB Calvin Dawson:

On the game:

“I felt like we should have won. We just had some mistakes on special teams, offense and defense.”

On passing the ball:

“That was our game plan coming in because they have a very fast defensive line.”

On the penalty before the two point conversion:

“I think it affected us a lot because we had to change our play and we had to get more yardage.”

QB Kinsmon Lancaster

On the game:

“We fought a good game. We had our opportunities at the end of the ballgame. We had a couple of penalties that brought the ball back. We still could have fought back through that. Overall as a team I think we played a good game, but we didn’t take advantage of the opportunities we had.”

On preparation for the game:

“We had a good week of practice and our coaches prepared us well. We watched a good amount of film and got a feel for their defense and what they were going to do. We had a great game plan going into the ballgame.”

Cornerback Quintez Secka (senior from Wichita):

On coming back to Kansas:

“It was great. It was a big adrenaline rush.”

On nearly pulling off an upset:

“We just have to believe in ourselves. We know what we’re capable of. They are a great team, but we just gave up too many big plays.”

On slowing down the Kansas offense:

“We knew that they were running a lot of screens, so we decided to stick to our game plan and make tackles.”