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Sept. 15, 2007

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<?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>Kansas 45, Toledo 13

Sept. 15, 2007 – Lawrence, Kan.

Kansas Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Mark Mangino

On the game:

“I thought we played well. I though we played well in a lot of areas. I thought early in the game, we didn’t take care of the ball real well. We had some drops. We over came that, and our kids persevered and kept at it. We had some turnovers that I don’t like, especially in the special teams, which I don’t like. We need to get that cleaned up. We can’t have that. But overall, I thought the kids on offense and defense, especially the defense played well. I thought the defense was really sharp tonight. They made a lot of big plays. They got in trouble on a nice call (Toledo) made in the second quarter right before the half to get the score. You can get fooled once in a while on those. You can’t make a living on those. Our kids played well on defense, and the offense did a good job too. I think fundamentally, we have some things to work on, but I am pleased overall.”

On forcing turnovers:

“That was something that we’ve talked about as a staff and talked with our players. We work on trying to strip the ball and trying to get some (interceptions) on certain coverages, and it worked out. I am glad to see our defense getting turnovers as well as playing solid at the line of scrimmage.”

On Aqib Talib’s touchdown reception:

“We don’t take anything for granted. We can’t expect him to do that every time, but he has made a lot of plays. When he gets the ball in his hands, he is a playmaker. He has proven that. He is a guy that in practice, makes plays, and brings it out to the game field. He is an exciting player and a very talented young man.”

On John Larson:

“I thought that he did some really good things. They tried to fool him on some boots and play-action, but he played contain well. He snuffed out that screen (on his interception) and he knew they were trying to dump the ball and made a great play. John is getting better. He is one of the guys in our program that take a lot of reps every day and proves himself in the run game and the pass game. He is a young guy who walked on here, so that tells you about his character.”

Sophomore Running Back Jake Sharp

On KU’s turnovers:

“I really have no idea what caused them. From a coaching standpoint, they would say they were mental errors. They don’t happen to teams that win often, so we need to get that squared away.”

On the offensive line:

“The offensive line blocked great all night and opened up big holes. I was able to read them and get down the field on a lot of my carries.”

On splitting carries with Brandon McAnderson:

“We split most of the carries. There is really no rhyme or reason on who gets the ball. There are certain plays where they want me to get the ball and when they want (McAnderson) to get the ball. It is really all by feel. If someone is hot, they will get the ball.”

On making up for last season’s loss to Toledo:

“I wouldn’t say there is a lot of redemption. They are our third game this year. We played the way we wanted to play them. It ended up well and it was definitely nice.”

Junior Defensive End John Larson

On helping the offense:

“When the offense is having trouble finding their rhythm, defensively, we try to go out there and stuff the run, get a three-and-out, and get the ball back in the offenses’ hands. We know that they will do well if we give them enough chances.”

On his interception:

“I saw the ball coming, and I made the play. Then I figured I should go ahead and run for the end zone. I was just trying everything I could to get in. Everyone was blocking and pulling for me. I just came up a little bit short, but the offense punched it in, and that’s what it is all about.”

Junior Defensive Back Aqib Talib

On his touchdown catch:

“I felt somebody coming and I had to get into the end zone. I wasn’t going to go out of bounds. I wanted to get into the zone. I felt like I could get there from the five (yard line) so I took off with it. I felt like there were people coming so I didn’t get caught up in that (potential penalty).

On the touchdown catch being the most memorable play of his career:

“I don’t know, but it is definitely one of them.”

On his interception:

“I finally got the pick. It was on a busted play. Luckily, he under threw it and the guy was way behind it. The secondary had a miscommunication, but we still got it done so I can’t complain. If he had time, I think he would have got it there.”

Senior Defensive End James McClinton

On the Kansas coaches:

“They are smart. We have good coaches that teach us not only to be good players physically, but also mentally.”

On causing turnovers:

“It feels good. Coach wants us to be the top in the Big 12 for turnovers. We got caught up tonight. Coach emphasizes turnovers in practice.”

Toledo Quotes

Head Coach Tom Anstutz

On the game:

“I’ll give Kansas a lot of credit. I thought their defense was the best defense we’ve played. They were very sound and they ran well with the football. They did a good job, I give them a lot of credit tonight. I thought our players battled hard and showed a lot of heart. We came up with a couple turnovers to give us a chance to hang around them in the first half. We just have to keep improving as a football team. I thought Kansas played a good solid football game. They are hot right now and they are clicking on all cylinders and playing good football.

On Kansas Quarterback Todd Reesing:

“We were just working really hard and guys came out and made some good plays. He is an outstanding quarterback and is doing a great job of running the offense. He can check off plays and he runs the option and throws the ball well down the field to the open man. He’s a real gutsy quarterback and he did a nice job.

On defending Aqib Talib:

“They have a lot of good skill players and he’s a special player who can do a lot of things for his team. He’s a good football player.”

On Kansas’ defense:

“Their defense is good and they put pressure on him (Aaron Opelt). They had real nice tight coverage so it’s tough for any quarterback when that happens.”

Sophomore Quarterback Aaron Opelt

On the game:

“Kansas is a great team, they came out and played better than us today. I think we need a lot of improvement for next week. You just have to tip your hat to Kansas, they played a good game today. It all starts with momentum and we never got that. It is something we have to work on for next week.”

On having an 0-3 record:

“We just have to go back to the drawing board. We will start over next week and that is what we need to focus on. We have to learn from this game. We would have liked to come out with a win, but we have to learn from it and prepare for next week.”

On the Toledo defense:

“The defense played good today, they played good and gave us plenty of opportunities to make plays, but we just didn’t do it. We’ve got to step up and play better on offense.”

Sophomore Strong Safety Barry Church

On the defense:

“They have a lot great athletes out there and a lot of leaders on the field. We just wanted to blitz them and put pressure on the quarterback”