Throwback Thursday

Sept. 16, 2010

Jill Dorsey Hall (volleyball, 2001-04)

Dorsey Hall is the all-time career digs holder (1,338) at Kansas. She played libero for the Jayhawks, owning a career average of 3.12 digs per game and ranking number six in Kansas volleyball history for digs per game. She played in 121 matches and was a four-time Academic All-Big 12 First Team honoree. Dorsey Hall was instrumental in leading the Jayhawks to their first ever NCAA appearance in 2003. In 2004, she led the Big 12 Conference with 4.64 digs per game and was influential in leading the Jayhawks to their second-straight NCAA appearance. Dorsey Hall is currently working atCBIZinLeawood, Kan., as a marketing specialist. She resides in Olathe, Kan., with her husband Kevin and son Liam.

You graduated from KU in 2005, what have you been doing since then?

“Immediately after graduation I moved to Los Angeles. I was working at a public relations firm and living in Beverly Hills. I then moved closer to the beach and started working for an interior designer. I also played quite a bit of beach volleyball. After three years out west and having just met my husband we decided to move back to the midwest to be closer to my family and start a family of our own. We have one son, Liam, who is 13 months old. I just started working again as a marketing specialist at CBIZ, which is located in Leawood, Kansas.”

What was it like playing for the Extreme Volleyball Association and the Association of Volleyball Professionals?

Beach volleyball in general is very challenging and a much different game than indoor volleyball. I really played more for fun and actually played many tournaments with a former opponent who had played volleyball at Colorado. So it was fun to pair up and play together after having played against each other in college.”

Did you ever envision playing volleyball professionally?

“I definitely would have loved to continue playing indoor volleyball much like my former roommate and teammate Ashley Michaels did for a number of years. However, being 5-foot-9 and a defensive player, finding a spot on an international team’s roster is much more difficult. I definitely got my fix continuing to play volleyball when I moved out to LA on the beach for a while.”

Although you grew up in Kansas, what factors led you to choosing KU?

“I grew up a Jayhawk fan mainly because I was a KU basketball fan. I remember going to my first KU volleyball game when I was in sixth grade and thinking to myself, this is what I want to do. I also really love the town and uniqueness that Lawrence embodies. It is quite a diverse campus for a town in Kansas and I love that about it, and the fans are great at KU.”

How did you first get involved playing volleyball?

“When I was 11 years old I got asked to play on a club volleyball team for a 14-and-under team. I had no idea what volleyball was all about and was the youngest on the team. I had a blast from the first moment playing volleyball. Just the team aspect of the game, as well as the emotion involved. Although I continued to play other sports through high school I knew I wanted to pursue volleyball into college if possible.”

What was the highlight of your KU playing career?

“Advancing to the second round of the NCAA tournament twice during my career was definitely the highlight. Just being a part of the first KU volleyball team to do that is very special. We will always have a place in history and banners hung up in the gym. And although we lost to Washington my senior year in five games at Washington in the second round of the tournament, I will always remember that game. We played well enough to win and took an eventual Final Four team to the wire on their home court after being down 0-2.”

Who/what inspired you to play volleyball?

“Honestly, after coming to watch KU volleyball when I was in grade school I dreamed of playing volleyball at KU. Volleyball wasn’t the sport I initially thought I would pursue, mainly because my brothers (Brent and Bryan) both played basketball in college. I definitely am inspired competitively because of them. They made me the competitor that I am. ”

What is your most memorable volleyball experience?

“For some reason beating Texas at Texas really stands out in my mind. And I can’t even tell you which year that was or many details. I just know we were down 0-2 at the intermission and we came out of the locker room a completely different team and we won the next three games to beat Texas and had a blast doing it! It was like we couldn’t do a thing wrong and it was a great victory for us on the road against a great team in Texas. It was the only time we beat Texas at Texas in my career. “

Do you still keep in contact with any of your former teammates/coaches?

“Yes, I am happy to say that I do because my teammates and coaches made the experience I had at KU what it was. I was blessed to have many of them at my wedding and am grateful to see many of them on a regular basis. Molly (Lamere) Haggerty and I actually played together in a grass volleyball league this summer.”

What are your future plans?

“My husband and I are going to continue to enjoy and watch our little guy Liam grow up. It is such a joy being a mother and we hope to buy a house soon and settle down in the midwest. I am enjoying my new career and looking forward to working at a great company here in the Kansas City area.”