Postgame Quotes

Sept. 18, 2011

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 2, #8 Florida 7

September 18, 2011

Kansas head coach Mark Francis

On his team’s play in the first half:

“In the back we were not very organized because they scored I don’t know how many from balls that were going over the top and down the middle. When something like that happens you have to figure it out. I told our defenders that they (Florida) should not be scoring the same type of goal on us in that type of situation. We have to learn from it the next time it happens.”

On his team’s play in the second half:

“I thought our play in the second half was a lot better. We talked about the things we needed to do but they need to figure that out on the field because at that point the game is over at halftime. The second was a lot better because we competed better.”

On Florida’s play:

“Florida is a good team and I doubt we are going to play anybody this year that keeps the ball as well as they do, so we are defending a lot because they do such a good job keeping it. When you do that you have to be organized in how you defend but also when you defend the ball, you have to do a better job keeping it. The first half every time we won it, we gave it right back to them. The second half I thought we did well when we out-shot them 11-3.”

On his team’s next opponent:

“Next week we play OklahomaState and it is not going to get any easier, so we have to focus on what we are doing because this game got away from us, but it could have been a totally different game. Next Friday if we come out like we did in the first half today, we will be down 5-0 at halftime again because they are a very good team and ranked really high. That is why we need to come out like we did in the second half today. If we do that I do not think there is anybody left on our schedule that we cannot beat if we come out and play that way from the beginning of the game.”

Kansas Goalkeeper Kat Liebetrau

On the loss:

“It is really tough, especially in the first half. The whole team did not start very well. That is something we just need to work on for next week. We cannot go out and do what we did here in the first half.”

On what adjustments coach Francis wanted to see in the second half:

“He was really emphasizing for us to keep working hard and playing for each other. Connecting the ball throughout the field was big because the whole first half it was like we were playing defense the whole time. Every time we won the ball, we were not keeping it, so we really just needed to focus on holding onto the ball.”

Kansas midfielder Whitney Berry

On her team’s second half performance:

“Second half was great and I think if we would have played like that in the first half it would have been a completely different game, especially with the fact that we had a penalty kick called, had a goal scored in the last two seconds of the first half and they took two goals back from us, which was unfortunate.”

On her team’s communication:

“First half I would say communication was poor. I would say that is definitely something we can work on for the next game but the second half was definitely better.”