Brogan Makes Most of Her Summer at National Camp

Sept. 21, 2012

LAWRENCE, Kan. – As her successful freshman season was winding down last April, Kansas rower Erin Brogan was notified of her selection to participate in the USRowing Women’s National Team Freshman Camp.

“I was just very shocked and surprised. I did not think I would be selected because there are girls out there that are amazing. I was honored to be put in the same category as them,” said Brogan.

Brogan was one of only 24 collegiate freshmen from throughout the country selected. The Freshman Camp is designed for athletes with elite-level potential and aspirations, but who have only one or two years of collegiate rowing experience. The Haddonfield, N.J. native came to KU after rowing for her high school’s club team. Brogan was named KU’s Outstanding Newcomer after the 2011-12 season.

“Coach Catloth came up to me, told me about the camp and (that) he was interested in putting an application in for me,” Brogan explained. “In order to qualify you have to go 2,000 meters on the stationary rowing machine in under 7:20. At the time I applied, my time was 7:25 but we applied anyway to see what happened. Three days later we did another 2,000-meter training and I got a 7:18 in order to qualify. A month had passed and I assumed I did not get selected; we were in New Jersey for a regatta and Rob announced the news on the team bus.”

KU Head Coach Rob Catloth knew Brogan had a chance to be selected. “I think she has all the physical attributes and the times she was pulling were right where she needed to be. I worked this camp prior to the Sydney Olympics and Erin was the type of person we were looking for to participate in the camp back then”, said Catloth.

The camp lasted six days with the rowers working out six-and-a-half hours per day.

“I learned I can go a lot faster and there are a lot faster girls out there and it made me focus on my time. We are friends on Facebook and we constantly text each other. I guess the biggest takeaway was friendships that were made over six days of crazy rowing with all of these girls that are the same age as you just trying to make it.”

Brogan also brought back information that her teammates are using as motivation.

“I am one of the faster girls on our team here and I just tell them there is a lot of speed out there and we have to chase them down. It’s hard to picture that other teams are doing the same things we are and telling the girls about the workouts others are doing motivates us to work harder and do more than them.”

Brogan and the rest of the Jayhawk rowers begin their season on September 28-30 at the Head of Oklahoma regatta.