One-on-One: Tyler Patmon

Sept. 22, 2010

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Kansas freshman cornerback Tyler Patmon has been a bright spot for the Jayhawks on defense this season. Patmon, a redshirt freshman from Cedar Park, Texas, has seen the field a lot in KU’s first three games, recording 11 tackles and helping the Jayhawks rank first in the Big 12 in pass defense.

Football is in Patmon’s blood. Both of his grandfathers played Division I college football, while his father and two uncles also followed in their footsteps.

On the team’s mindset heading into the fourth game:

“It’s going to be the same mindset as every other week. We have to go in wanting to work hard, practice hard and do the same things we’ve been doing win or lose.”

On if this feels like a must-win game:

“I think all of the games are must-wins. We can’t look at the name of the school on (the uniform), we just have to go in play the game and win the game.”

On what he feels like he brings to the secondary:

“Being this young, and being given the opportunity that I’ve been given, I just want to go out there and go hard every time – every practice, every play. That’s one thing I think I do out there.”

On if he’s surprised that he’s played as much as he has:

“No. I just work hard and do what I’m supposed to do. If I play, I play, if I don’t then I need to work harder. I’m going to keep working hard no matter what.”

On if he felt pressure to live up to the other people in his family who played college football:

“I feel like I owe both my grandpa and my dad a lot for how they took care of me (when I was little). I feel a little pressure because I want to live up to that. But that’s football.”

On if they ever talk about who’s the best player of the group:

“I’m the better player. I just have to go out and prove it.”

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