Kansas Postgame Quotes

Sept. 23, 2006

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Kansas 13, South Florida 7
Sept. 23, 2006
Kansas Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Mark Mangino
On the game:
“We started out moving the ball and we had a penalty that moved us back. I felt like we could move the football and have success moving the ball. We just had to stop making mistakes. I felt good about our defense. They played well. I felt like we didn’t have any big breaks.”

On Adam Barmann:
“Adam Barmann with the exception of getting the ball stripped twice played about as well as a quarterback could play in our system. He did not miss a check all night at the line of scrimmage. He showed good poise and patience waiting for the open receiver. When he had to get rid of the ball quickly he did it. I’m very pleased with Adam’s performance. He did a outstanding job. It shows if you stay prepared and you don’t complain about your circumstances in life, you might get chances. He made the most of his chances.”

On the performance of the offensive line:
“The offensive line, I felt, was very good at pass protection. They were excellent. In the run game they did a good job, but I want to give credit to South Florida. They have a very good defensive front and a couple of linebackers that will be playing on Sundays — no questions asked. That’s a great football team in South Florida, especially on defense.”

On creating turnovers:
“We worked on it all week and the kids made a great effort to strip the ball and Paul Como did in a key situation and Aqib Talib did get a key interception. When we find things that we need to get better at, we just keep working on it.

On the beginning of conference play:
“I think we can be a very good football team. There is no question about it. We went into a game today against a team with a top 15 defense with a quarterback that hadn’t started a game in a year. The way our kids rallied around him I think we have a chance to be a good football team and we will be ready for our trip to Lincoln next week.”

Senior runningback Jon Cornish
On Adam Barmann:

“He didn’t have too many opportunities last year to play, but he got this opportunity and showed what he can do. He didn’t have any interceptions and that is huge. This game was close, so him playing so well was a major factor in helping us win.”

On the KU offense:
“(USF) had some great linebackers. The corners are really good too. We were forced to grind things out. With Adam (Barmann) playing so well it really helped us overcome our struggles on the ground. Playing against those huge linebackers as we did, it is understandable that the offensive line couldn’t open up many huge holes. They opened up just enough holes for us.”

On Next Week’s Game at Nebraska:
“Any game in the Big 12 North is a big game for us. Those games are special. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Sophomore Cornerback Aqib Talib
On Adam Barmann:
“He’s a veteran. He’s been through it all and he’s seen all different kinds of looks. I expected him to come out and play like he did today because that’s what veterans do. I didn’t expect anything less of him. It was just another game that he started in his career.”

On the last play of the game:
“In that sort of situation, if you have a good look at the interception, take it. Otherwise, just try to knock it down. We were confident we were going to make a play because we had six defensive backs in the game. There’s no reason we shouldn’t have made that play at the end of the game.”

Senior wide receiver Brian Murph
On Nebraska:
“We are looking forward to it. It’s a fun place to play and we’re just going to go up there to get the victory.”

On the wide receivers:
“We just try to help out the running game and then when the ball is in the air we just try to go up there and get it. We want to help out our quarterback. The way we caught the ball today helped give Adam some confidence. It doesn’t make any difference to us who’s throwing the football.”

Senior Center David Ochoa
On his game:
“Even better that we won in this fashion (close game) because we know we have the fortitude to play well in these types of games.”

On Adam Barmann:
“He did awesome. That’s just Adam’s personality. He’s not a person to complain. He just saws wood and he does his job, and obviously he did his job tonight.”

“Coming into the game, I knew that he had a lot of confidence in himself. That confidence permeates through our offense. Going into the game we knew what he could do; he knew what he had to do. Our confidence with him was sky high going into the game.”

Senior Quarterback Adam Barmann
On the offensive line:
“I can’t say enough about those guys. Every single play they are battling in the trenches and they never get enough recognition. They played one heck of a ballgame tonight.”

On his game:
“I feel like I am just another piece of the puzzle. I just came in and tried to do my best. No matter who’s in there (at quarterback) this offense is going to keep rolling, and that’s a positive for us.”

“We got a win, so I’m happy. I just feel a lot more comfortable. This is my senior year. I feel like there’s so many things that I’ve seen and so many things that I’ve gone through in my career. I just feel a little more comfortable back there now.”

On the quarterback position:
“When Kerry’s healthy, he’s our guy, and I just came in and tried to do the best job that I could while he was absent.”

Senior Defensive End Paul Como
On the defense:
“I think we’ve come a long way. I think every week, we’re going to just keep getting better and better. I think the more we play together, the better we’re going to get.”

On applying pressure on the quarterback:
“I think we kept coming hard every single play and we just started to wear him down. We condition a lot so their offensive line started to wear down a little bit.”

South Florida Head Coach Jim Leavitt
On the call to go for it on fourth down in first quarter:
“It was early in the game. We had less than a yard to go. It wasn’t a hard decision. I would have done it again. We knew if we didn’t make it we would have good field position and we would give them a long field. It was an easy decision.”

On the difference in the game:
“We made mistakes. We got a personal foul that really put us in poor field position. You can’t fumble. I thought we were going to score on the last drive. We handled the clock very well. We came in here expecting to win and we didn’t.”

On Adam Barmann:
“It didn’t affect anything that he started the game. He threw the ball pretty well. We knew we couldn’t let Cornish get going and he had a couple of big runs. We knew they ran draws from last year’s film. We knew if Cornish got out of the gate we’d be in trouble. But I really thought we held them in check.”

On a few calls going against them:
“We got called on a pick and I will have to look at film. That was a huge play that put us up hill. For the most part I thought the official did a pretty good job.”

On the Kansas defense:
“Their defense was about as good as I thought. We thought we could do a few things, but I give them credit for holding us to seven points.”

Quarterback Matt Grothe:
On the game:
“We just got stopped. We didn’t execute well tonight and it showed. We should have gone for it (fourth down on first drive of the game), but we didn’t get it; that’s the way it happens sometimes. We should have scored on the first drive and there were a lot of other drives we could have capitalized on. We had too many mistakes. It’s alright, we’ll learn from tonight and get better as a team.”

On the last play of the game:
“I was trying to find the open receiver. I threw it up there and they (Kansas) made a pick.”