Post Meet Quotes - Roy Griak Invitational

Sept. 24, 2011


Post Meet Quotes
Roy Griak Invitational
September 24, 2011

Head Coach Stanley Redwine

On how he would evaluate the team’s performances:
“I thought there were some highlights on both sides. As a team we went in hoping we could finish higher on both the men’s and women’s sides. We were about in the middle of the field for both and in order for us to continue to get better, we need to do better than we did today. I believe on both teams the gaps between our No. 1 and No.5 runners is more than what we expected. We need to continue to close those gaps and compete better as a group.”

On if he is pleased with the team’s progress thus far in the season:
“You’re never totally pleased until you’re No. 1. Where we have to go from here is to learn from our mistakes and just continue to get better.”

On what he thought of the men’s team’s performance:
“(Zach) Zarda competed well. (Austin) Bussing competed well. They ran together and helped each other out with James Wilson right there. On the front part they did a really good job. The freshmen were in a big field for the first time and so they learned a lesson. Hopefully that’s something they can learn from and puts them in a better position as the season moves forward. It wasn’t great today, but it was definitely an opportunity to get better and get experience for the freshmen.”

On what he thought of the women’s team’s performance:
“Rebeka (Stowe) and Kara (Windisch) ran very close for the majority of the race and Rebeka took off. Kara got put in no-man’s-land without her her teammate but she did a pretty good job of competing. After that we had too much time between our No. 3 and No. 4 runners throughout the race. They all learned from what they did in a big race. The first two races were smaller races and it was much easier to position themselves throughout the race. They learned what competition in these big races is all about.”

Senior Rebeka Stowe

Her evaluation of her team’s performance:
“I think we made some strides and are getting in a better place as we move forward in the season. We still have a lot to figure out. We need to get our packs a little closer together. Overall, I think the team did pretty well. We just need to be more intentional. That’s the big thing. When you’re in a race with almost 300 people trying to get everyone together can be difficult. Getting everyone closer together a little more really should help us improve later on in the season.”

On her performance:
“Personally, I felt pretty good. I was able to move pretty well in the last half of the race. I need to be more aggressive coming down the final stretch but that’s just a learning thing.”

On where her team stands at this point in the season:
“I think today was definitely a measuring stick about where our team is at. We need to be in a better place if we want to achieve the goals that we have. That’s just getting our third, fourth and fifth runners closer to the top. We need to continue working on it in practice and in training as much as we possibly can so hopefully it transfers over to racing.”

Junior Zach Zarda

On his and his team’s performance today:
“I feel like I definitely gave it all I had on the course. I feel like there are some improvements I can make. I can definitely improve on finishing the race stronger. If I could have knocked 10 seconds off my time I could’ve moved up around 15 spots. That would’ve been helpful for the team and I plan on making the necessary improvements to do that the next race.

On if he expected his early season success:
“I wouldn’t say it’s a surprise to me because we’ve all been training to try and be the top guy. On any given day someone can feel great and take the top spot. We’re really close from one to seven. The last thing I want is for people to start slotting themselves in and settling for their position on the team.”

On how he would evaluate the team’s performance and the team moving forward:
“I’m happy with a couple things. A few guys ran well and executed but we need to we just didn’t have everyone there today. I know everyone is capable of doing what we expect out of them but some days it doesn’t come together and you need to roll with the punches and keep grinding. It’s just about keeping our confidence high.”