Ekaterina Morozova and Erin Wilbert Preview the All-American Championships

Sept. 29, 2010


Junior tennis players Ekaterina Morozova and Erin Wilbert took time out from their preparation for the upcoming Intercollegiate Tennis Association Women’s All-American Championships to talk to KUAthletics.com about playing in the elite national event. The two will be competing in the prequalifying doubles round while Morozova has also been selected to compete in the prequalifying singles round. The event begins Saturday in Los Angeles, starting at UCLA before moving to Riviera Country Club.

Erin Wilbert

Q: What are your expectations from this weekend in L.A?

A: This is weekend should be a lot of fun. My mom is flying out to Kansas City and flying with us to LA, and I’m really excited to see her. I am so excited to be experiencing this with Kate. She is a really good friend of mine and a great doubles partner too. This is such an exciting time for both us. Our hard work paid off, and now we are getting rewarded with a trip to LA — it can’t get much better than that.

Q: How do you feel about competing on a national stage?

A: I’m excited about getting to experience college tennis on a national level. I’ve never gotten a chance like this before, and I’m excited to compete at that level. Every girl at this tournament is really good, but we can’t forget that we were chosen because we are good too. I just want us both to be confident and play relaxed like we usually do.

Q: What makes you and Morozova a good doubles team?

A: I always feel really confident playing with Kate. She has the ability to make shots during matches, which gives me confidence to try different things and go for a little more. She is just such a great player, and I respect and trust her unbelievably. I think trust is really important in a good doubles team. You have to believe in each other and support each other when the other struggles. I would love to go to this tournament and win some matches.

Q: What are your specific goals this weekend?

A: I’d like to win the whole thing. But I am really focused on just getting experience and having a good time with Kate. Every time we step out on the court together, I have a great time. It’s fun to play with confidence and feel good on the court. I hope that next year we are invited again. If we continue working hard, I have no doubt that we can be back in LA in no time.
Ekaterina Morozova

Q: What are your expectations from this weekend in LA?

A: I expect a lot of good things from this tournament. It will be a great experience for Erin and I, as a doubles team. There will be a lot of good players and we will do everything to play our best. I expect a lot from myself, as well, and I am really excited to compete against the top players in singles.

Q: How do you feel about competing on a national stage?

A: I have never been to Los Angeles before and I think besides the tournament, it will also be very fun to travel there with (head coach Amy Hall-Holt) and Erin. It feels great to play at the national stage, and Erin and I have been working very hard on the court and in the weight room to be ready for the tournament.

Q: What makes you and Wilbert a good doubles team?

A:I love playing with Erin. She is not only a great doubles partner, she is also an amazing person and my really good friend. We get along very well on the court and off of the court. I think communication in doubles one of the most important things and we really have it. We get along very well.

Q: What are your specific goals in singles?

A: My goals in singles are to play hard, fight for every single point and play my best. I want to give 100 percent on the court.

Q: What are your specific goals in doubles?

A: In doubles we will also play hard and do our best as a team. It is going to be a good opportunity to play really hard matches and it will get us ready for the spring season.

Q: What will be different about this tournament than others?

A: I imagine this tournament as a big event where all the really good players play. I can’t wait to be there and feel its atmosphere. The name of the tournament (ITA Women’s All-American Championships) already makes it sound big and different from all the other tournaments.