One-on-One: Steven Foster

Sept. 30, 2010

Kansas fullback/linebacker Steven Foster has the best of both worlds. Foster lines up with the first team offense in practice as a fullback, and when the situation dictates, moves to the other side of the ball as a defensive lineman. Foster, a junior from Sedgwick, Kan., came to KU as a fullback, but was converted to defensive end in 2009. He has played both positions in Head Coach Turner Gill’s first season with the Jayhawks.

Foster hopes to make his presence felt Saturday when the Jayhawks open conference play at Baylor at 11 a.m. on FSN.

On his reason for choosing KU:

“I decided to come here because I had an aunt graduate from here, a grandpa who played basketball here and an uncle, I just had a lot of people come to school here, and it was my number one pick.”

On relatives offering advice:

“They did, but I had come up here a lot so I had already kind of seen what KU had to offer, and I was sold on that from the get go, just from all the times I had come up here previously.”

On changing positions:

“Well what happened was we didn’t use a fullback that much when the old staff was here and I wanted to play, so I asked to switch to defense. Then they moved me to defensive end, and after the transition to Gill I asked to move back to fullback because that’s what my original position was. I always wanted to play fullback.”

On playing two positions:

“Normally I just go to the defensive team meetings, but most of the time I go to the offensive meetings, because I usually get in more on offense than I do on defense. Throughout the week I usually practice with the defense on Tuesday and the offense on Wednesday.”

On his preferred position:

“I think they both have their perks. It’s fun to make tackles, but it’s also fun to blow somebody up on offense.”