(100) Introduction/Manual Updates - Table of Contents

100Statement of Purpose
100Introduction/Manual Updates
101Mission Statements and Philosophy
103University Policy Statements
200Administrative Control
201Governing Authorities
202Policy Formulation and Implementation
203Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics
204Conflict of Interest (PDF)
300Departmental Organization
301Organizational Chart
400Financial & Administrative Policies
401ABudget: Formulation
401BBudget: Accountability, Control and Revisions
402Receipt, Custody and Deposit of University Funds
403Purchasing Procedures
404ADisbursements: Goods and Services
404BDisbursements: Travel and Entertainment
404CDisbursements: Payroll
404DDisbursements: Margin of Excellence Accounts
406Phones/Mobile Devices
407ATicket Office: Operations
407BTicket Office: Sales
407CTicket Office: Complimentary Tickets
407DTicket Office: Distribution
407ETicket Office: Policies
408Key Distribution
409Receivables: Invoicing and Accounting
410Business Contracts
410AElectronic Signatures
411AKansas Athletics IT Information and Security Policy
411BTechnology Distribution and Purchasing
412Courtesy Cars: The Wheel Club
413Kansas Athletics Automobile Safety Program & Motor Pool
414AFinancial Support: Non-Profit & Student Groups
415Mail Services
416Severe Weather & Lightning
417Emergency Situations
418Open Records Requests
419Hall of Fame
420Booth Family Hall of Athletics
421AKansas Athletics Data Protection Privacy Notice – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
422Records Retention
500Student-Athlete Policies
501Student Athletes: Conduct and Ethics
502AStudent-Athletes: Recruitment
502BStudent-Athletes: Eligibility
502CStudent-Athletes: Athletic Financial Aid
502C.2Student Athletes: Degree Completion Program
502C.3Undergraduate/Graduate Studies
502DStudent-Athletes: Walk-On Student-Athletes
502EStudent-Athletes: Student-Athlete Funds
502FStudent-Athletes: Transfer Release
502GStudent-Athletes: Travel
503AStudent-Athletes: Academic Policy
503BStudent-Athletes: Summer School
503CStudent-Athletes: Textbooks
504AStudent-Athletes: Housing
504BStudent-Athletes: Food Service
505Student-Athletes: Awards
506AStudent-Athletes: Medical Policy
506BStudent-Athletes: Drug Awareness & Testing Policy
506CStudent-Athletes: Outside Services & Referrals
506DStudent-Athletes: Swimming Proficiency
506EStudent-Athletes: Eating Disorders
506FStudent-Athletes: Pregnancy Policy
507AStudent-Athletes: Employment
507BStudent-Athletes: Promotional Activities
507CStudent-Athletes: Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
509Student Trainers & Managers
511Practice Players
600Staff Policies
600Kansas Athletics Staff: Conduct and Ethics
600AKansas Athletics Staff: Reporting Rules Violations
600BKansas Athletics Staff: Harassment Discrimination
601Budget Salaries
601AKansas Athletics Staff: Hiring
601BKansas Athletics Staff: Performance Evaluations
601CKansas Athletics Staff: Coaching Performance Evaluations
601DKansas Athletics Staff: Benefits
601EKansas Athletics Staff: Holidays
601FKansas Athletics Staff: Attendance and Leave
601GKansas Athletics Staff: Termination
601HKansas Athletics Staff: Staff Meetings
601IKansas Athletics Staff: Parking
601JKansas Athletics Staff: Special Event Attendance
601KKansas Athletics Staff: Drugs & Tobacco
601LKansas Athletics Staff: Hours of Operation
601MKansas Athletics Staff: Dress Code
601NKansas Athletics Staff: Use of Computers
601OKansas Athletics Staff: Employment Verification & Reference
601PKansas Athletics Staff: GA and Assistantship Positions
601QKansas Athletics Staff: Personnel Files
601RStaff Advisory Board (SAB)
601SKansas Athletics Staff: Work Related Injuries
601TKansas Athletics Staff: Family Medical Leave
601UKansas Athletics Staff: Tuition Assistance
601V (Temporary)FMLA Leave Expansion and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Policy (Coronavirus)
601WFurloughs and Temporary Salary Reductions
602ANCAA and Conference Regulations Review
602BNCAA Certification of Compliance
603ACoaches and Administrators: Employment Contracts
603BCoaches and Administrators: Outside Employment and Promotional Activities
604Coaches: Institutional Camps & Clinics
605Staff: Children in the Workplace
700Day-to-Day Operations
701ATravel: Individual
701BTravel: Teams
701CTravel: Prospective Student-Athletes
701DTravel: Travel Party
702AScheduling: Events
702BScheduling: Practices
703AEquipment: Athletic
703BEquipment: Video
704AFacilities: Use
704BFacilities: Maintenance
704CFacilities: Strength and Conditioning
704DFacilities: Security
704EFacilities: Football Game Day
704FFacilities: Basketball Game Day
704GAthletic Events: Alcohol Consumption & Tailgating
705AAthletic Events: Concession Operations
705BAthletic Events: Parking
705CAthletic Events: Music and Entertainment
705DAthletic Events: Staging
705EAthletic Events: Postseason Competition
705FAthletic Events: Resale of Tickets
706APolicies and Procedures - 706A
706BMedia Coverage: Interviews, Press Conferences and Press Releases
706CMedia Coverage: Publicity Materials
706DMedia Coverage: Events
706EMedia Coverage: Television and Radio Programs
707Marketing and Promotions
708Trademark Licensing
708AGraphics: Installations or Use Requests
800Long Range Planning
801Expansion/Renovation of Facilities
802Expansion/Curtailment of Programs
901nstitutional Advancement
903Williams Education Fund
904Disbursements: Margin of Excellence Accounts