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The University of Kansas Athletic Corporation, Policies and Procedures Manual is designed to provide information and offer guidelines on various subjects concerning the Athletic Corporation. As such, it is an information tool and does not create a contract, either actual or implied, between KUAC and its employees. This Manual is designed to be a living document which can be revised and/or expanded to reflect KUAC changes. The organization of the Manual allows revisions and updates to be made without major disruption to the format. Policies are organized into sections by topic areas, beginning with Section 100: Statement of Purpose. Each policy within a section is numbered sequentially and titled (e.g. “Section 100, Policy 101: Mission Statements and Philosophy”).

All policies are individually paginated (i.e., self-contained); therefore, new policies or sections can be added sequentially and modifications can be made without interrupting the pagination of the entire Manual.


Staff members are encouraged to periodically review existing policies. When modifications are required, no matter how minor, the staff member should note, in writing, the proposed alteration. The written notification must include the section, policy and page number, and a copy of the existing policy. Once completed, the proposed revision is submitted to the employee’s supervisor. If the supervisor agrees that the modification merits consideration, he/she forwards it to the Associate Director of Athletics/Administration.

The proposed modification is then presented to the Director of Athletics, who may discuss the modification with other administrative officials at a regularly scheduled staff meeting and/or the KUAC Board of Directors prior to making a final decision.

Once approved by the Director of Athletics, and/or the Chancellor as appropriate, the change is considered official. The Associate Director of Athletics/Administration notes the change in the Manual Change Log and disseminates the appropriate revised manual page(s) to those staff members responsible for updating Manual copies located throughout the KUAC. The log of the approved changes and modification notes must be kept current in order to avoid questions concerning the validity of the change.

To ensure that no unauthorized modifications are made, only the Director of Athletics is permitted to disseminate the updated Manual material to KUAC staff. Questions concerning modifications, or the procedures for altering existing Manuals are to be directed to the Associate Director of Athletics/Administration.

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