KU-Texas A&M Quotes

Oct. 7, 2006

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<?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>Texas A&M 21, Kansas 18<?xml:namespace prefix=”o” ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”?>

Oct. 7, 2006 * Memorial Stadium * Lawrence, Kan.

Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Mark Mangino

On the game:

“Our kids competed. They played hard — played their hearts out. We have to continue to learn from these experiences. We’ve lost to two good football teams, two weeks in a row, and we had chances to win, but we didn’t, so we’ve got to learn from it.”

On KU’s defense:

“I thought we played pretty well. (Texas A&M’s) passing game was decent. When we gave their quarterback time, he found open receivers. One of the things we had to do was to not give him time. We were pretty successful at that in the second half.”

On Kansas’ offense:

“I really never felt that we were in sync on offense. We just weren’t sharp, and there are reasons for that. We had a lot of kids that didn’t get many reps on the practice field this week. We had chances to make plays and didn’t do it.”

“We have to get back to 100-percent (health) on offense. It showed that you have to practice and get in repetitions. We had opportunities today on offense, but just didn’t make enough plays.”

On next week’s game against OklahomaState:

“We will get back on the field tomorrow and learn from another tough experience. Tough experiences make the kids tougher. It makes them even hungrier.”

Junior Fullback Brandon McAnderson

On the offense:

“We didn’t really play very well. We struggled a little bit. We need to pull together and get ready to play again. We’ve got to keep pushing through. We have to maintain our mental toughness to be able to do the things we have to do.”

On another tough loss:

“Any loss is difficult, especially when we lose them at the end. It happens, and you’ve got to get over it and get ready for the next week.”

Senior Safety Jerome Kemp

On pressuring Texas A&M’s quarterback:

“In tight games, we don’t’ blitz as much in those situations. We thought that if we brought a little pressure, we could get a turnover.”

On the defense:

“The only thoughts we had were to make sure to get three-and-outs, keep their offense from scoring, and hopefully get the ball back for our offense.”

Senior Wide Receiver Jonathan Lamb

On losing another close game:

“It’s tough. Anytime you lose a game on the last drive, it is really tough. I think we played well, but just not enough to win this one. We just didn’t play enough to win. I don’t know what else to say, it was just a tough loss.”

On the offense:

“At times, I definitely felt like we were rolling. Offensively, we put together some good drives, but it was hit and miss.”

Senior Quarterback Adam Barmann

On the offense:

“You have to give a lot of credit to A&M’s defense. They played pretty well, but for whatever reason, we weren’t executing. We will just have to go back and watch film and see what was happening. We had a couple of drives in the second quarter, but that was really about it. They were a real good football team, and they will win a lot of games, but we didn’t play as well as we should have.”

On the close losses:

“It is tough, and we are disappointed, but we are definitely not out. It will just make us stronger as a team. We just have to get ready for OklahomaState next week.”

Texas A&M Head Coach Dennis Franchione

“Our kids battled hard all day long and found a way to win. You have to take your hat off to Kansas. They played extremely hard and had a good gameplan. We talk about Aggie Spirit and that last drive was all about grit and determination. We’ve still got a lot of things to work on, but I will go to battle with these guys any time.”

On Kansas blitzing:

“I don’t think Kansas blitzes more than any one else. They just blitz in timely situations.”

On choosing to start second half against the wind:

“It gave us a chance to have the wind at our back in the fourth quarter. Every point was scored going with the wind today. Our defense definitely hung in there and played outstanding. Obviously, offensively and with the kicking game we have lots to improve on. I thought we’d have to survive one more quarter and win it in the fourth.”

On the last drive:

“It definitely will give Stephen McGee a lot of confidence. Our defense saved one and now our offense saved one. All these things are confidence builders and they give you something to draw from when you play more games.”

Sophomore Quarterback Stephen McGee

“This is a huge win for Texas A&M. Things were not going our way, but we fought back and found a way to win. We’ve played together all year, and we’ve stuck together all year. Because of that, we all believed we could do it and we did.”

Junior Defensive End Chris Harrington

“Everytime we (the defense) went on the field in the second half, it was a pressure situation for us. We knew if they got a first down or a score, that would put the game out of reach. We buckled down and gave the offense one last chance and they responded with a huge drive and made it happen for us. I can’t believe I’m already thinking about next week already, but this win definitely gives us a confidence boost and a lot of momentum going into the Missouri game.”

Running Back Jorvorskie Lane

On not giving up:

“No one gave up today and put their heads down. Our sideline was with us. Our fans were with us. We overcame adversity and played as a team and got the job done. We took the loss to Texas Tech last week really hard including the coaches. We didn’t get over that loss until after Wednesday’s practice. Coach Franchione preached to us about bouncing back and I think we got our swagger back after beating Kansas today. Our offense was struggling a bit today and we need to clean some things up this week in practice.”

On the last touchdown:

“I usually look at the defensive line and the linebackers, but on the last play I just told myself that I had to score.”