Morningstar Makes Public Apology

Oct. 8, 2009


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Jayhawk Basketball Fans:

Recently I made a regrettable mistake that has let down my family, friends, coaches, teammates, fellow KU student-athletes, the University, KU basketball fans and the State whose name I proudly wear across my chest. I used extremely poor judgment in driving after drinking and violating curfew.

I know the consequences of my poor and embarrassing decisions and want to apologize. Every day in practice, Coach Self and our coaching staff talk to us about the importance of making good decisions whether on the court or off. I sincerely regret the “black eye” I have given to all of you who have supported me, the University, and especially Kansas Basketball.

Over the years, my parents and coaches have repeatedly warned me about the consequences of drinking and driving. I am extremely thankful that I did not hurt anyone else that night. I have learned an important lesson and I will never forget it. When you drink and drive you are affecting others on the road, as well as the people who love you and are involved in your life. Even if you think you’re OK, getting behind the wheel after having any drinks is dangerous and a terrible decision. As I face the consequences of my decisions, I intend to be a good role model by my actions and hope that young people will learn from my mistakes.

I know how lucky and privileged I am to be living my dream and to be part of the best college basketball program in the country. Please accept my sincere apologies for my bad judgment and the embarrassment it has brought to our program. I want you to know that moving forward I will “represent” this University and basketball program in a very positive way.


Brady Morningstar