Postgame Quotes: Kansas at Oklahoma State

Oct. 8, 2011

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Oct. 8, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Kansas head coach Turner Gill

On any area that he saw improvement:
“All I can say is in the second half, our guys continued to compete throughout the game. We talked about that, to just keep playing and try to get better, try to improve as a football team; offense, defense and special teams. I think there was some of that. So those were the things I saw the improvement as. That’s all you can do, keep playing, and I did see that. Our guys did come out and continue to compete.”

On the offensive struggles:
“We just turned the ball over. We all know you can’t turn the ball over three or four times against a great football team like they are. They showed they take advantage of the opportunities. Some of it was misreads, some of it is our offense, as far as doing things we need to do. We had a little bit of miscommunication on some things, but we have to takecare of the football. You just have to improve in that area.”

On why the defense is struggling:
“We have to give credit to the opponents, No. 1. No. 2, we have to make sure our guys are able to make the plays theyneed to make. I think some of it’s tacking – being in the right spot they need to be – and being aggressive when the ball is in the air, as far as defensive backs, and making plays. We just have to keep improving. We have some work to do on that side of the ball, or all sides of the ball for that matter. We just have to keep working. We have to improve.”

On the defensive game plan:
“We were just trying to mix it up, as far as our blitzes. Show them one look, and as they would change their plays or anything of that nature, change our calls trying to mix it up. We thought we had some things on their protection that we could take advantage of, but they did a good job of picking them up and protecting. Throwing and catching the football, they’re very good at it and got those things going. We couldn’t get them out of rhythm like we talked about. We tried to get them out of rhythm, take some chances. When you do blitz, you are going to be a bit vulnerable. I said, ‘Hey, we have to gotake some of those chances, or else they’re going to sit back and just let them dink and dunk and do some things of that nature.’ They did a good job. That’s all you can say is they have a very good offensive football team and a goodfootball team overall, but their offense is very, very good. Their defense is pretty good too.”

Kansas Players

Sophomore quarterback Jordan Webb

On the loss:
“The loss definitely hurts, but we need to keep our heads up and continue to fight.”

On the coaches’ talk at halftime:
“They told us to keep our heads up, execute better, and come out with a little bit of fire.”

On whether Oklahoma State is as good as you thought they would be:
“Yes, sure they are and we knew we were up for a challenge, but we feel like there are some good things to take from this game.”

Junior defensive end Toben Opurum

On the mood of the team:
“For the most part we have guys that are confident, but when we are down like that it is difficult to stay up.”

On whether Oklahoma State is as good as you thought they would be:
“To be honest I feel like we shot ourselves more in the foot than us being overmatched. We made mistakes, but give them credit for capitalizing on that.”

On seeing 70 points on the scoreboard:
“It is embarrassing and is something I do not want to be a part of. We cannot do anything about it right now. We need to put it behind us and continue to work hard.”

Junior cornerback Greg Brown

On the attitude of the team after the game:
“We have people getting mad and we have people that are sad. We need to keep our heads up because it is still early in the season and we can still turn it around.”

On not stopping the Oklahoma State offense the first half:
“It was pretty tough, but I believe we can still turn this season around.”

On seeing 70 on the scoreboard after the game:
“It is a number you do not want to see and it hurts your pride seeing that kind of a number.”

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy

Opening statement:
“Obviously it was a very good day for us. Our players came out and played very well. The first drive Kansas scored on we made a couple mistakes, but had a couple unorthodox plays that set us back a little bit and they turned a guy loose on a little vertical route for a touchdown. After that we came back and played better and forced some turnovers. Offense played good and we had a chance to get a lot of players in the game, which is good. A lot of young men that give a lot to our football team had a chance to get out there and play in front of their moms and dads. That’s really a neat day and they get a big kick out of that so overall it was a good day for us.”

On the offense:
“Our guys prepared well and I feel like they’re fresh. We seemed to be in pretty good shape and we were able to play fast and we just have guys that know how to run the system so it makes it a lot easier.”

On taking out Brandon Weeden:
“We were ahead far enough to where there was no reason to leave him in the game and we could take everybody out. I like Turner Gill and I’ve met him. Not that we have to give mercy to anybody, but there’s no reason to leave him and (Justin) Blackmon and those guys in when we’re ahead by, I don’t even know how many touchdowns we were ahead by. There’s just no reason to do it, in my opinion.”

On Clint Chelf’s play and the end of the game:
“Chelf made some good throws. He had a couple throws that I’m sure he’d like to have back. He got to play 25 or 30 snaps and he was able to run our offense. The only downfall of this system is that ifyou’re in a situation like that, it’s for us to use the clock and it’s hard for us to just run it because that’s not what we to. In the last four minutes we just put two backs in and ran it up the middle. Other than that, we have to run our offense. It’s only fair to those guys to go in there and execute the plays that they’ve practiced for two months.”

On the Cowboys’ chemistry:
“I like the demeanor of our team and I like their chemistry. I’ve mentioned that the last few years and we’ve been fortunate that we have good leaders and they understand what it takes for us to prepare and have success. You’re focus on Sunday through Thursday is what makes you a better football team on Saturday. Avoiding distractions and zeroing in on what you have to do. You can’t waste a day. There are times early in our career here as a staff that I didn’t feel like our team really prepared well, but I like the way our team practices and they’re having fun. They like being out there and so that gives you a chance to win.”

Oklahoma State Players

Senior defensive end Jamie Blatnick

On seeing the younger players get to play:
“It’s good to see them play because they work just as hard as we do and for just as long. So when a game goes like this, it’s good to get them some reps.”

On the interception:
“I got both hands on it. They had thrown that same ball earlier in the game, the tackles cut down and I kind of got a key on it. I saw them cut so I knew the ball was coming. So I put my hands up and I got a hold of it. I saw the end zone but I couldn’t quite get there.”

On focusing on turnovers in practice:
“If we don’t get five turnovers in practice we have to run. And that’s our goal in a game is to get five. We got four today so we were just a little bit shy, but it’s still good. Most of the time we get five in practice.”

Senior quarterback Brandon Weeden

On missing Grant Garner:
“If he really had to go this week, he could’ve fought through it and played even though he is sore. I thought Bruiser (Evan Epstein) came in and played great. The snaps were good and I thought he played excellent. But it all goes back to Coach Wickline. He rotates those guys through and gets the other guys reps. It’s priceless. Hopefully Grant will be ready for Texas though.”

On completion percentage record:
“That is one record that I will look at and take a lot of pride in. That means I’m being efficient, making good reads, making accurate throws and doing the right thing. Yards and touchdowns are good but that is one stat I take a lot of pride in. I want to be almost perfect. I was pretty close today. We had a couple of misfires but that’s going to happen.”

Sophomore quarterback Clint Chelf

“They told us at halftime they were going to change the players, but do the same thing as the first half. So I told everybody we have to go out there and execute to keep up with the ball.”

On the experience:
“Going in during the first half of a Big 12 Conference game against a Big 12 defense where the starters were still in, it was some valuable playing time.”

On throwing a completion to his brother:
“We’ve been working on that for a while now and it just so happened it was on a broken play. He got a signal I gave mixed up and I saw him running down the field so I just threw it to him. It worked out well. We’re still trying to get that Chelf to Chelf touchdown. That would be really sweet.”

Senior wide receiver Justin Blackmon

On if OSU is still in the running for a national championship:
“We are, but we have to take it week by week. Texas is the team up next. We have to draw up a game plan and figure out what they’re doing and try to get a win there.”

On getting caught up in the poll numbers:
“I would say we don’t. There isn’t much talk about it except for maybe once in a meeting or something it might get brought up a bit. But it’s not too much talk. We’re pretty focused and you can see that. We’re a real focused group and we know we have to take it one week at a time because any team can mess it up for us.”

On everyone getting the playing time:
“It’s a lot of fun when you can get young folks in there who don’t really get much action on Saturdays. They get to out there and play a couple quarters.”