Kansas Football Press Conference Quotes (Oct. 9)

Oct. 9, 2007

Lawrence, Kan. –

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Oct. 9, 2007

Head Coach Mark Mangino:

His thoughts on the win over KansasState:

“I thought our teams played really well as a unit. It was a total team effort to win the game. Our kids created some adversity and overcame it and did a fabulous job of staying poised. There are certain areas that we need to continue to work on. We still must improve tackling and communication on defense. On the offensive side of the ball we need to polish up some routes and catch the football. Overall, it was a really good effort. I am extremely pleased.”

On this week’s game against Baylor:

“Baylor is better than their 3-3 record. They are throwing the ball extremely well and moving their offense extremely well. Blake Szymanski threw for over 400 yards again last week. Brandon Whitaker, out of the backfield, had a bunch of catches and has all year. They have seven or eight guys that have double-digit receptions. On defense they play hard-nosed football. They are going to be a good challenge. We are working hard to get ready for them.”

On stopping Baylor’s offense:

“I think this is a stiff test for our pass defense. This team throws the ball very well, they mix up the run, they have a lot of guys catching the ball and they distribute the ball very well. They put stress on your defense in a lot of areas. I think this will be a good challenge for our defense.”

On the running game and replacing Jon Cornish:

“They haven’t exceeded my expectations. I always thought that if Brandon McAnderson was in the single-back set, he was going to be a really good football player for us. We had a good player in that position last year (2006 Big 12 Rushing leader Jon Cornish), but I thought going into this season with Brandon McAnderson and his ability to run inside, cut, make people miss and power run and Jake Sharp with his explosion, collectively together their numbers would exceed what one player did last year.”

Players of the Week From the KansasState Game:

Offense: Adrian Mayes

Defense: James McClinton

Special Teams: Scott Webb

Scout Offense: Jeremiah Hatch

Scout Defense: Dustin Spears

Sophomore Defensive Back Darrell Stuckey

On the work in the off-season:

“It allowed us to really see who had the most “dog” or the most “fight.” We tried to outwork each other in winter conditioning, spring ball and training camp to see who would be victorious. If someone is starting over you, it is because they earned it. It is not because they are the favorite, or that they had some kind of leverage on you. It is because that they earned that position. Everybody has a job and a role now.”

Sophomore Quarterback Todd Reesing

On being ranked:

“If people want to believe that we are good, it will not affect the way we are going to play. We are going to play hard.”

On overcoming the adversity in the KansasState game:

“I never doubted myself during the game. The first quarter was pretty rough. We could not get things rolling for a few drives. I threw an interception on the first play of the game, so that came off pretty bad. Aqib (Talib) and I were not on the same page on the route, but that happens. The other interception was a poor decision, but you cannot let that affect you too much. You have to go out there the next series and get the offense into the end zone. Luckily, I was able to do that. To come back after K-State scored and drive right down the field to score and take the lead, shows a lot about our team and the character we have.”

On the Big 12:

“I think it is wide open. I do not think anyone is in the driver’s seat, in either division. We have to go out each week and take care of business. If we keep winning then we are going to be right in the thick of things to play for the North and maybe even the Big 12 Championship.”

On if he has thought at all about the game against Missouri on Thanksgiving weekend:

“Not at all. The only team I am worried about playing right now is Baylor. That is the next team on the schedule. We are not going to look down the road, because if we don’t worry about this game, then we can get beat and put out of the Top 25 just as quickly as we got in.”

On playing Baylor after losing to them last year:

“I did not play against them last year. I was at the game, and I know how disappointing the loss was. We had a big lead in the fourth quarter. It seemed like one team played in the first half and another in the second half. Obviously, all the guys that played in that game last year want to avenge that (loss) and have a better showing this year. We are not going to talk about revenge. We are just going to talk about how it is the next game.”

Senior Defensive Tackle James McClinton

On facing an offense that will pass a lot:

“Sack, sack, sack, sack city. I know my defensive ends are going to like it. Russell Brorsen and John Larsen are going to love it. Give props to (KansasState’s Josh) Freeman, he does a good job of handling the ball and avoiding sacks.”

On being ranked:

“It gives us some confidence, but it’s still too early. Like Coach Mangino says `with great success comes great responsibility.’ We just can’t handle adversity, we have to handle success too. We handled it in a good way, we are not cocky.”

On the reaction to the KansasState win and the ranking on campus:

“People are coming up and saying “good game” and “you played good, I saw you on TV.” I accept that and say thank you, but I try not to let it linger for a long time because that is in the past and we have Baylor coming up this week.”

Junior Cornerback Aqib Talib

On how to backup being ranked the number 20 team in the country:

“With another win on Saturday and try to move even higher on the Top 25.”

On moving on after the big win over KansasState:

“To tell you the truth, it is not as exciting as I thought it would be to be ranked in the Top 25. It’s like the same old week. I am tired today just like I was last Tuesday. I do not feel like it will be hard at all.”

On what was gained from the victory at KansasState:

“Confidence. That we know we can go on the road, into a hostile environment and win a close game at the end.”

On last year’s loss to Baylor:

“We gave it away. That is how it goes. We lost the game, so there is no point in dwelling on it. We get to play them again at home this year, and hopefully it will be a better game. We go into every Saturday the same way. Regardless of what happened last year, we are going to treat this game as the biggest game of the season.”

On defending against Baylor’s aerial attack:

“They are going to throw the ball 60 times. That means that we will have 60 opportunities to get our hands on the ball. Their offense is a lot different than KansasState’s because it is a totally different offense. It will not be anything like it was last week.”

Junior Safety Patrick Resby:

On defending against Baylor’s aerial attack:

“It is a great challenge. Being in the secondary, you love the challenge. I’m looking forward to this.”

On being ranked:

“I have not noticed the changes yet. It is still like we are unranked. That is a good thing though.”

On Baylor:

“Last year I was at JUCO, and I watched the game. At the time, Kansas was recruiting me. I thought, `Man, I do not want to go to this school here because they are losing to Baylor.’ I am happy that we get to play them again, so hopefully it will be a better result this time.”