Women's Basketball Holds Media Day

Oct. 12, 2006


The University of Kansas women’s basketball program held its media day on Thursday, Oct. 12. Members of the media spoke with third-year head coach Bonnie Henrickson and the 14 players that make up the 2006-07 Jayhawk squad.

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Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson:

“We’re very excited, the outlook for the season is unprecedented. Our freshmen are the most fit group of freshmen that I’ve had in 20 years of coaching. I’ve said from day one since we signed this group as a class that they expect a lot out of themselves and they’re learning to expect a lot out of each other. They expect a lot out of their teammates and the upperclassmen.

Our upperclassmen have been very good, very patient. They’ve been good leaders with that group of seven freshmen. Considering that almost half of the team are freshmen it’s been pretty smooth. We haven’t had discipline problems, we’ve not had kids late to anything or not show up to class. They’ve done what they’re supposed to do. They’re right where they need to be. They’re excited, I love their energy.

Defensively, we made it a point of emphasis. I made the mistake last year by not doing that early on. I was so mortified that we couldn’t score my first year here that we spent all this time on offense and then we couldn’t guard anybody last year. Knowing that we’re going to be young and inexperienced on both ends. I’ve made the decision to spend a lot of time and energy on defense. With our length, speed and athleticism with these young kids it’s shown and they’ve bought into the system. They’ve got a lot to learn, but they’re anxious to learn, they want to learn, they want to be good.

For the two years I’ve been here at the end of the game Erica Hallman was going to have the ball in her hands and she was either going to take a shot or make a pass to make a play. I don’t have the answer for that right now. We need time to figure that out as we scrimmage each other. I’ve got a couple people that I think might be in that position, but I’m not ready to give the ball to anyone in particular right now. We have a lot of work to do, but I have a group that wants to work and that’s exciting.”

On the projected rotation for the upcoming season:
“We’ll play quite a bit early to answer some questions. We’ll always try to play up-tempo. If you look across the league, Texas A&M is the only one who presses, and they only do it at home. We’ll start with ten or eleven and then trim it down to nine probably. So realistically eight, nine or ten. If we can run and get possession like I think we are capable of, I like being able to go to the bench and not drop off a whole lot. It looks like we are going to be able to do that.”

On standout freshmen:
“Probably the biggest surprise has been LaChelda Jacobs. I’ve always liked her, I like how she plays. She gets to the rim and makes plays and she’s incredibly fit. Kelly Kohn has been as competitive as I thought she would be. In the freshmen class she has shown the most leadership. Her father was a Hall of Fame football coach in the state of Michigan so she has been on both sides of the whistle, and you can tell that. Danielle McCray has been impressive but she’s been hurt. So she’s a little bit behind. She’s healthy and healed, but she missed about four weeks of conditioning.”

On KU’s television exposure:
“Well it’s two fold for us. Across the state it helps someone who is think about coming. You can see us on your television set and then decide if you want to come here and get involved. And certainly I thought we had great crowds last year. And then for recruiting we are seen nationally. It’s important that we’re seen and we want our kids to be seen.”

On team chemistry:
“Our chemistry is good, it’s the best since I’ve been here.”

On the recruiting class:
“We were the only team that has a Top 20 recruiting class that didn’t make the NCAA Tournament last year. There’s something to be said about that because you’re getting people to believe in what you’re capable of doing and what we have the opportunity to do here.”

Lindsay Ballweg, Freshman, Shawnee, Kan.
On team chemistry thus far:
“I think it’s been really good. The freshmen have been here since June and July. We’ve learned a lot of things about our teammates so far. I think now that practice is starting we already know a lot and if we would have just come here when school started, it would be a lot different.”

On the transition from high school to college:
“It’s been really good. I’d say that time management has been my biggest concern. You learn to schedule everything and write everything down in your planner so you don’t miss anything.”

On getting her shot off quicker:
“I’m happy that I’m 100 percent healthy now. I’m working every day on getting my shot off really quick. I know there’s some big girls in the Big 12, so it’s going to have to be a lot quicker.”

On choosing Kansas:
“I came to summer camp here and I decided that I liked it a lot. Also, the coaching staff and KU tradition. Playing in Allen Fieldhouse is pretty cool too.”

On the impact of the freshmen:
“I think that we’re hoping to bring a lot of positive attributes to the team. We all get along really well and I think if we work hard together, everyday we’ll get closer to our goals.”

Jamie Boyd, Junior, Underwood, Iowa
On the team’s expectations:
“We have big expectations, but we still have a lot of work to do and a long way to go. We are working toward the postseason everyday.”

On the upperclassmen providing leadership to the freshmen:
“I think we just try and teach them a little something new everyday. We try to show them what is right and what is wrong and how to act. I have had to step up and take on a leadership role this year. I’m willing and excited about the new role that I’ve gotten and I’ll do the best that I can.”

On the team’s chemistry:
“Everybody is working together. We are all on the same page. Everyone has a positive attitude and everyone is willing and ready to work hard.”

On receiving more national television exposure this season:
“Hopefully, it widens everyone’s perspective on Kansas basketball, not only as a men’s powerhouse. But hopefully it will get a few more people in the seats and show Lawrence and everyone around that Kansas women’s basketball is something to come watch.”

Ivana Catic, Sophomore, Zrenjanin, Serbia|
On adjusting to the seven incoming freshmen:
“Everything has to be more about teaching, understanding and talking to people. I know how I felt when I first came, so that’s a good thing because now I know how to approach people and talk if they have any trouble.”

On the impact of the freshmen:
“I think they’re going to make a really big impact because not only do they have athleticism, we have some vocal leaders and people who lead by example. We have people who hustle all the time and I think that overall the chemistry is going to be good.”

On the teams’ expectations and goals:
“Knowing the mission of the coaches and players, we want to go to postseason, but we have to do a lot of work before that happens. We have to learn how to play with each other and as long as we know each other and play with each other, it will be good.”

Rebecca Feickert, Freshman, Minot, S.D.
On her individual skills she brings to the team:
“I would say my strongest skill right now is shooting. As far as everything else goes, I am just trying to work on getting better at everything.”

On expectations for this year:
“I don’t have any expectations other than that we play as a team and that I help contribute to the team in anyway that I can.”

On why she came to Kansas:
“The school spirit of KU. Everybody is basketball crazy and just athletics crazy in general. It’s really cool to have a school that has that much pride. I felt really comfortable around the coaching staff and girls and I liked the campus and the people. KU has such a great tradition and I just wanted to be a part of it.”

LaChelda Jacobs, Freshman, Mansfield, Texas
On the transition from high school to college:
“The adjustment has been good. I’m getting used to workouts. Classes are going good, and I’m adjusting well.”

On the chemistry of the freshmen class:|
“I definitely think that the freshmen will come in and make a big contribution, mostly because there’s so many. We are all here for a reason, and we’re going to make a difference.”

On choosing Kansas:
“The tradition and the Big 12 Conference. I’ve always wanted to play in the Big 12, so that’s why I came here.”

On the competition this season:
“On a day-to-day basis everybody will be a big competitor just because there’s so many good teams in the Big 12.”

On the team comaraderie towards the new freshmen:
“I definitely think the upperclassmen took that role of making us feel comfortable. We’ve bonded together a lot and the upperclassmen are doing a good job of that.”

On personal contributions to the team:
“My aggression. That is a big part of my game. I think that I will be aggressive and contribute that way.”

Kelly Kohn, Freshman, Adrian, Mich.
On adjusting to college basketball:
“It has been fun to come from a small town to another small town and to be with new people that want to do the same things as you. We all want to stay focused on basketball and focus on school. It has just been a really fun experience thus far.”

On trying to find her role within the team:
“I think that each person’s role will be determined as the season progresses. Right now, I think that all of us freshmen are just trying to learn the basics that Coach Bonnie wants us to know. It is kind of like learning basketball all over again — her way.”

On the upperclassmen’s leadership:
“The upperclassmen have been great. Coming in with so many new freshmen, they have really helped us get in-step with them. They have taught us the little things that we have to adjust to and be ready for.”

Danielle McCray, Freshman, Olathe, Kan.
On the transition from high school to college:
“It’s a big adjustment as far as academics, as well as basketball. I think we are all handling it very well.”

On the team:
“Everyone is becoming really close and we are bonding very well.”

Taylor McIntosh, Junior, Wichita, Kan.
On the freshmen:
“They bring a lot of energy to the team, they are willing to learn and they catch on very fast. I know we are going to be a young team but we are going to have a lot more energy.”

On the loss of Crystal Kemp:
“Losing Crystal is definitely big shoes to fill, but at the same time we are playing more fast paced which I think is more to my advantage being an undersized post player. I can use my speed to outrun other post players. We have lost a lot, but that just means we have to work harder to try and make up for that.”

On improvements to her game:
“I think I am more comfortable at the high post, handling and shooting the ball. That was the main thing I struggle with. I’m working everyday to get myself better in order to make the team better.”

Sade Morris, Freshmen, Norman, Okla.
On the team chemistry:
“We’ve gotten along really well. We all have a lot of fun together. We all hang out. We’re doing well together.”

Why she chose Kansas:
“The team camaraderie when I got here. I really got along with everybody and the coaches.”

On the impact of the seven incoming freshmen:
“I think we’ve made a big impact so far. They know we’re going to come here and work hard no matter what. There’s nothing that’s going to stop us from working hard. I think we’ve built a lot of trust in the upperclassmen because we do anything that they ask us.”

On her individual contributions to the team this season:
“I feel like I am going to contribute the spark and the enthusiasm that the team needs and just be the one that’s always there encouraging them.”

On the transition from high school to college:
“The biggest adjustment to college ball would probably be the intensity.”

On the teams’ goals and expectations for the season:
“We expect to make it to postseason once again. We’re just going to start off where we left last year.”

Shaquina Mosley, Senior, Lancaster, Calif.
On being a leader this year:
“I don’t think it has to be me because I’m the oldest, it’s whoever that day feels like they know what needs to be said. That person should step up and be the leader. We all respect each other as a team, and respect what everyone has to say.”

On the freshmen:
“I think they are working really hard. I am really excited for them and for the team. Everyone is ready for the season. They are pushing each other, pushing us and pushing themselves. Everyone was really nervous because we knew we were going to have seven freshmen, we were going to be really young, but everyone is working really hard and that is the best part about it.

Katie Smith, Sophomore, Omaha, Neb.
On team chemistry with seven new freshmen:
“They bring a lot of energy, and we have a lot of fun together. The chemistry is good and they all shine in different points.”

On personal contributions this season:
“I’m still growing as a player, and I hope to help the team eventually on the court. Right now, I try to provide a lot of moral support and push people both on and off the court and in workouts.”

On team and personal goals for the season:
“We’re just taking it day by day. We’d like to go to the postseason, but we realize we have a lot of work to do before we get there.”

Sharita Smith, Senior, Dallas, Texas
On being a senior:
“It has changed, but not too dramatically. I just need to continue being myself and take a leadership role. It is just something that comes with being a senior and is something that I have to pick up on. I’m not a very vocal person, so at practice I need to be vocal and help people out. I have to be able to give our team some energy.”

On her role this season:
“Coach is going to be expecting a lot from me because I am a senior. I think that I need to expect a lot from myself and take on a bigger role than I did last year.”

On the freshmen class:
“I think they are awesome. They have already learned a lot. They have picked it up quicker than the average freshmen class.”

On building team chemistry with seven new freshmen:
“I do not think it is going to be that much of a problem because we play pick up basketball any chance we get so we’ve gotten to know each other better.”

Porscha Weddington, Freshman, Temple, Texas
On the possibility of playing as a freshman:
“I am definitely excited, I think about it a lot, especially during conditioning when we are running I think about it. It played a big part in why I came here, but also I liked the coaches and this is a school with a lot of tradition.”

On playing infront of 16,000 fans at Friday’s Late Night in the Phog:
“I have never played in front of a big crowd before like I am going to tomorrow. I think it will be a blast.”

Marija Zinic, Sophomore, Novi Sad, Serbia
On replacing Crystal Kemp:
“We are just going to try to build team chemistry and play together. Everybody is going to have to step up.”

On building team chemistry with seven new freshmen:
“I think we did a good job this summer when the freshmen came. We have been working very hard. I think the team chemistry is really good right now.”

On the upcoming season:
“I am so proud of the stage that we are at right now because we worked so hard this summer and this preseason.”