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Oct. 14, 2010

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Kansas State 59, Kansas 7

Postgame Quotes

October 14, 2010

Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill

On what message he will give his team after its loss to Kansas State:

“I’ll just tell them we have to keep working. We have to look at some things on the basics of football like being able to execute plays. Offensively, we just haven’t been able to do much in the last couple of weeks, but we have to continue to work on that. We need to find specific plays that we can execute better. On defense, we just have to continue to tackle. I brought that up prior to this game that it was going to be huge for us to tackle very, very well and we didn’t do that.”

On what caused the team’s penalties:

“Those are things that mentally can not happen. The last two ball games we’ve had situations where we could have had a first down, but we set ourselves back. So again, we need to have better focus. We have to do better things on the coaching staff to make sure our guys are focused. We need to carry over our things from practice into games. We need to keep practicing and keep working.”

On how penalties and turnovers affected the game:

“That’s crucial. You have to move the ball on offense and you have to score points. We didn’t capitalize early to score some points and that caused us to have a tremendous uphill battle as the game went along. When you have penalties and you turn the ball over you have a very little chance to get things going.”

On what positives he can take from some of the drives the team had in the second half:

“I think all year long we have been for the most part, but we haven’t been able to finish. We have set ourselves back as far as penalties and also as far as turnovers. We have to continue to get better. Our offense has to get better and execute some plays. We have to find some plays that our players can execute better.”

On what the team needs to work on offensively:

“I think obviously we need to carry stuff over into a game. We have to do the basic things. I think the big plus that can help us is that hopefully some special teams can get some bigger things going and our defense can cause turnovers. I think that helps things get motivated offensively if you have more opportunities or something happens in a game. So that’s the biggest thing we’ve been missing from a standpoint defensively is creating turnovers. But offensively we have not done our part either. We’ve been turning the ball over and then causing ourselves some penalties.”

On if the bye week hurt the team:

“We’re going to sit down and talk about that. We did a few things a little bit different from the standpoint of our practice, but I guess there are some pluses and minuses when you have a bye week. But I thought it was good for us to have it just because we had a few injuries. Also we get to have more practice, but it didn’t come through. We have to continue to work and get better. You can’t drastically change, but there will be some things that we will do a little bit differently.”

Kansas Wide Receiver Daymond Patterson

After a major loss:

“These ones are hard to take. It’s a rivalry game, you just came off of a tough loss two weeks ago. To come out there and play like this in a big game against K-State, it hurts. I do not feel like we played well in any part of the game. Offense, defense, special teams, nothing really was going like it should have. We did not execute in the type of way that we should have. It got out of hand quick and they kept scoring and making stops.”

On lacking explosive plays tonight:

“I really wasn’t surprised when we didn’t have many explosive plays when we kept shooting ourselves in the foot. Plenty of times it was third and 15, we would get a first down and then we would get a penalty of some sort. When you do that and don’t make any big plays they are going to be able to sit back and sag off because you are going and playing behind the trains all day. So that is what happened when we played behind the trains.”

On moving forward:

“Just keep on working I guess. Some of the mistakes we are making you learn about not making those mistakes in pee-wee football. I think that is just the biggest thing, we just have to get our minds focused and keep on pushing. There is not too much the coaches can do when you work on something every day and then go out there and do the opposite in a game. You just have to take it upon yourself and take it up as players to bring more leadership out there because the coaches can only do so much to prepare you.”

Kansas Linebacker Steven Johnson

On what Coach Gill’s message was after the game:

“He said we just have to get back to work. That was the only thing he knew how to do I guess when he was in college was get back to work. Give it your best every day in practice and just get better. When you get better during the season that’s how you get W’s.”

On storing this game in memory:

“I am trying too. I took the Baylor win they had and stored it there. This one is another one because both of those losses just don’t feel like I knew what was going on. I feel like we worked hard in practice and everything that we tried just did not work. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. We are going to be fine.”

Kansas defensive back Chris Harris

On his feelings after the game:

“It’s hard knowing that you can’t do anything about it. We have to get better. We had too many mental mistakes. It’s frustrating knowing that you can’t do anything to stop them from scoring.”

On where the team is at now:

“We have a long ways to go. We have to get better offensively and defensively. We need to stop leaving plays out on the field. There were so many plays that we could have eliminated and they capitalized on them. We need to figure out a way for when we do get down to bounce back.”

On being mentally prepared:

“Secondary-wise I don’t think so, but as a team, I definitely think so. We just have to start from scratch and figure out how to get another win.”

Kansas Safety Olaitain Oguntodu

On his reaction to the game:

“It hurts getting embarrassed two games in a row. I think at some point it doesn’t even matter who it is. It hurts us that it’s Kansas State and it hurts us that we lost the game badly, and over all our production out there hurts.”

On why KU lost:

“Without looking at the film, I’d say they played a good game. They did what we expected them to do. At some point we have to, as individuals, look at ourselves and ask, `Do I have to proper alignment?’ and go off of that. That’s how we play good team defense. When we do that, we will do much better.”

Kansas State Head coach Bill Snyder

On the play of his defense:

“We gave up a little yardage in the passing game. I thought we played through it and the coaches did a nice job. The players at each position made plays and came up with some turnovers.”

On his team bouncing back after the loss to Nebraska:

“I’m proud of them. I would say consistency is still an issue. The same thing happened to us last year against Texas Tech and we were able to come back and beat a good Texas A&M team. I can’t explain the turnaround. It’s just a matter of if you prepare well, you play well.”

On digging into the playbook early in the game:

“It’s not necessarily that we haven’t tried it. We didn’t do anything tonight that we haven’t done. Sometimes you do things better and it’s about trying to improve.”

On looking at the tape after Nebraska and whether he thought his team could perform this well:

“I think I’ve always known that. It’s getting better and I’m confident that we have. These are young guys that can play well, both on offense and defense and the important thing is that they grow into that expectation.”

Kansas State Running Back Daniel Thomas

On the game overall:

“It was good. Last week got embarrassed, so we wanted to come out here and get a good win against our rivals.”

On what this win says about Kansas State:

“We can come back from a tough loss and come back strong, focused and play harder.”

On getting a win on the road:

“It’s very important to come into a hostile environment and play against a team like Kansas in a great environment like this with the fans. It’s a confident boost for us next week going to Baylor. It will help us out.”

Kansas State Wide Receiver Aubrey Quarles

On beating Kansas:

“Being a senior, it feels good to get the victory. (Quarterback) Carson (Coffman) did his thing tonight.”

On the scene in the locker room following the game:

“It was a blast in there. The governor of Kansas presented us with the trophy. It was definitely a good thing especially being a senior and going out with a win like this against KU.”

On how the team came out with confidence following its loss to Nebraska last week:

“You have to learn from your mistakes. We had a lot of mistakes in the Nebraska game. We were just out played in that game. Coach Snyder says the sun will come up again and the next day it did. We were able to come out here and play football again. We were lucky to have an opportunity to step out on the field and we took advantage of our opportunity.”

Kansas State Tight End Travis Tannahill

On how this win felt:

“(It felt) a hundred times better. Hats off to Kansas, we know exactly how they are feeling right now. We have to get ready for Baylor. This is definitely a lot better taste in our mouths than last weekend.”

On his touchdown catch:

“With Daniel (Thomas) back there, we had been running the ball pretty well so far, their safety came down and I just ran right past him. That’s what is good about play action and hopefully we’ll be able to use it the rest of the season.”