Postgame Quotes

Oct. 19, 2008

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 7, Francis Marion 0

Oct. 19, 2008 – Lawrence, Kan.

Kansas head coach Mark Francis:

On the weekend Shannon McCabe had:

“Shannon has been playing well all year long. I would say the last three weekends she’s been really good. She started the season off well, and it took her a little bit of time to get used to that brace, which I know she wasn’t excited about wearing. I think she’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t even notice it. So she seems to be in a much better place mentally than even at the beginning of the year. I’m just really glad for her that she scored some goals, because she’s been a little unlucky with some of the opportunities she’s had. We need Shannon and some of the other forwards to be scoring goals like they did today.”

On playing a non-conference game in the middle of the Big 12 schedule:

“We had an open date in the conference schedule, so we could have taken a day off, but we really felt like we needed a game. Right now we need to get some wins so that we have enough at the end of the year so that we can keep playing into November. So this game worked out well that we were able to play today and get a win. The nice thing today was the guys who haven’t played a lot got to step out on the field today, so it was good for them to get out there. And it was nice for our other guys to be supportive from the bench, because I think our bench has been really good about supporting us this year. So it was flip-flopped today a little bit.”

On facing Texas next weekend:

“We basically have talked about the season, before this weekend, being down to five games left. We don’t talk about who we’re playing, just that we need to win every game. That’s kind of the situation we’re in. When we talked about Texas A&M on Friday, we didn’t even mention their name – just what they did. The reason we did that is because every game is just as important as the next game we play, regardless of who our opponent is. That’s how we’ll approach Friday. Obviously, Texas is a very good team, but we need to approach it as being just another game where we need to play well and win.”