(102) Commitments - Table of Contents

The University is committed to supporting the development of a national-championship caliber intercollegiate athletics program.In support of excellence in competition and individual skill development, KUAC strives to maintain consistent standards of athletic and academic quality within its intercollegiate athletics program. Therefore, KUAC schedules contests with peer institutions, which endorse comparable athletic and academic standards, while providing meaningful competitive opportunities for its student-athletes.Although the University believes a successful intercollegiate athletics program may enrich campus life, increase the visibility of the University as whole, as well as provide increased revenues, the concept of “win at any cost” is specifically rejected. Furthermore, it is important that the intercollegiate athletics program enhance the University’s reputation for integrity and excellence through exemplary performance by student-athletes, coaches and staff members, both on and off the field.In endorsing the beneficial opportunities provided by a strong intercollegiate athletics program, KUAC remains ever mindful of the resources necessary to attain its goals. Although funding varies among the intercollegiate sports, the provision of equipment, facilities, medical services, counseling services, coaching skills, and the like, is to be of uniform excellence for all intercollegiate sports, regardless of the sport’s own revenue producing capabilities.

The University, as an official member institution of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), is governed by its constitution and bylaws. In creating KUAC policies and procedures, every effort has been made to comply with the Big Twelve Conference and NCAA rules and regulations so as to appropriately implement all policies recommended by these authorities. This commitment encompasses all administrative and coaching aspects of the intercollegiate athletics program, as well as the management of student-athlete activities.