Q And A With Grace Thiry

Oct. 26, 2010

By Porscha Weddington, KU Media Relations Student Assistant

Senior leader Grace Thiry has encompassed a great deal of success this year on and off the course. Thiry has been named Academic All-Big 12 Team twice as well as winning her first medalist honor in the Marilynn Smith Sunflower Women’s Golf Invitational two weeks ago in Lawrence.

Thiry a native of Victoria, Australia feels that she has had no problem transitioning from playing “down under” to “waving the wheat” in Lawrence, Kansas. Thiry knows what it takes to be a leader and feels that she has taken on the role of being a prominent senior figure on her team. She is one out of three seniors on University of Kansas Women’s Golf team that has played a huge role in the success of their team this year. When asked about her senior leadership role on the team she expressed what she wants to instill on her team, how she has contributed to her teams success and also expressed the legacy she want to leave at The University of Kansas.

What are something you’re currently doing as a leader that you feel are keys to your success and your team’s success?

” As a senior leader I am trying to set good example of doing your best and trying your hardest. I am trying to encourage my teammates to give 110 percent in practice and during tournaments.”

What have you done lately that has set you apart and made you be so successful?

” I think the main things that I have done to set myself apart and made me be so successful is experience. I have been trying to get as much experience as I can over the years. I also have been learning to stick to my game plan in the tournaments; rather than taking risks and doing the stupid things that could add up to high scores.”

What is the biggest transition that you have faced from being a leader in high school at Mount St. Joseph HS in Australia to being a leader in college?

“We did not really have sports at my high school so I was really playing as an individual. Going from high school to college you have to learn how to be a team player because it is not just about you when your on the golf course it is about your team. Every shot counts on the course at the end of the day and you are wanting to do your best not just for you but your team.”

What is your game philosophy when going to play?

” My game philosophy is taking it one shot at a time because when you’re out on the golf course you are there for four hours. It is very easy since you are by yourself to think too much ahead or think back about the bad shots but you have to stay focused and take it one shot at a time.”

As a senior leader, what is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge?

“The biggest challenge is knowing that it is your last year and knowing that you want to do you best. However, I try to look at it as this is my last year and I want to have fun and just enjoy the experience I have had with my teammates and coaches.”

You have had a lot of success this year, what have you done to keep your team-motivated throughout the season?

“I know that we have great players on our team and I am constantly telling my players to not get ahead of themselves and that we need to stay focused in that moment.”

Many people have their own personal definition of what the term success means to them. As a leader on your team how do you define success based on your experience at KU?

“I define success based on the team and knowing that we did our best and gave it our all. I come out their with the mentality of giving it 110 percent not just for me but for my team.”

Being from a different country many people find it hard to adjust from one location to another and continue their success, what do you feel like has helped you transition from being a leader in Australia to being a leader in Kansas?

“I think what had helped me the most is knowing that this has been a great experience and that I am lucky to be here. Since I have came to Kansas I have tried to make the most of this great opportunity. I have tried to help my team based on my experience in Australia and have tried to carry it over for the young freshman as well.”

Individuals talk about the “legacy” they want to leave behind in their programs when they leave. What type of legacy do you want to leave at KU?

“I want the leave that no matter what, I always stayed positive and never gave up and kept playing strong for the players.”

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

“My motto that I live by is perseverance. I try to give everything I have and give it 110 percent.”

What is you most memorable experience playing at The University of Kansas?

“My most memorable experience was my first individual win two weeks ago at our home tournament. It was a great experience not just because of the win but because it was our home tournament and we had great fan support. It was great to know that my hard work had paid off with a win!

What are your aspirations after college?

“I desire to play on the Futures Tour. I want to continue with golf after I am done with college.”