Head Coach Turner Gill Meets with Media Wednesday

Oct. 26, 2011

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas head coach Turner Gill met with the media Wednesday afternoon in the Chancellor’s Lounge at the Anderson Family Football Complex. Gill fielded questions about the team’s upcoming game with the Texas Longhorns as well as about his Texas roots.

Below is a transcript of Coach Gill’s interview.

Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill

On the use of fullback Nick Sizemore:
“We’re just trying to get more running backs in the game. We still sprinkle him (Sizemore) in on some other things. We have some guys that tip-off some of our tendencies, so we have to do some of that to break some of our tendencies.”

On Sizemore’s progress this season:
“He’s doing really well this year. He’s a physical player, has good hands, blocks very good and he does a great job for us on special teams. He’s definitely somebody we’re glad to have on our football team. We’ll keep incorporating him in.”

On what it means for his players to go back to Texas and face the Longhorns:
“They’re excited. There are quite a few of them that have family members and friends coming to the game, so they’ll be pretty excited and want to play well against the University of Texas. It’s always a good opportunity to go down there and play, particularly for those guys that are from the state of Texas. But right now we’re all just trying to make sure we have a great opportunity to compete and have a chance to win a football game.”

On what he told the team about execution in the games:
“We’ve talked about how 3-5 plays make the difference in the game; we’ve got to be able to overcome that. That’s what we’ve talked about doing, (executing) on those 3-5 plays that have really swung the game one way or the other. We also point out that there are some good things that are occurring, but we’re just not doing enough. That’s the bottom line.”

On how the move to right tackle has gone for Tanner Hawkinson:
“He’s doing very good. (We moved him) after talking to (offensive line) Coach (J.B.) Grimes and (offensive coordinator) Coach (Chuck) Long, we decided that was the best place for him to go and move (Jeff) Spikes to the other side. I think it’s worked out, making that decision. He’s doing a really good job.”

On if Hawkinson’s strength has improved:
“Oh yeah. I think everybody’s strength has gotten better (since the beginning of fall camp). He’s definitely gotten stronger and he’s going to continue to get bigger and stronger as we continue to go.”

On signs from his team that they’re ready to compete against Texas:
“They’re all upbeat and they’re ready to go out there and perform. They’re ready to go out and play. That’s what you want is for our guys to continue to go out there and practice hard and continue to visualize what they can do. Now it’s a matter of taking it from the practice field and putting it out on the game field on a more consistent basis.”