Quinn Meacham Talked To The Media After Practice Wednesday

Oct. 27, 2010

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Junior College transfer Quinn Mecham is expected to make his first Division I start against Iowa State Saturday in place of injured quarterbacks Jordan Webb and Kale Pick. Mecham was expected to redshirt this season, but was pressed into action for a series last Saturday against Texas A&M.

Kansas junior quarterback Quinn Mecham

Wednesday Post Practice Quotes

On the opportunity to start:

“It’s an opportunity to go out and help the team and try and get us a win.”

On the idea of redshirting this season:

“That was the plan, but I just stayed in the game and kept up in the meetings, so I felt like I had prepared.”

On practice this week:

“It’s been pretty solid. (Offensive coordinator and quarterback) Coach (Chuck) Long just goes with what I’m comfortable with, so it’s been pretty smooth so far.”

On whether he has gotten sleep this week:

“Definitely, I have gotten a lot of reps so I have been sleeping pretty good.”

On campus support:

“Not really. Some people in my classes have seen me and they are like, “Hey man, go out and get `em.”

On whether he has anything to lose:

“I think we are just trying to go out as a team and win, so I think there is always something to lose. We have five games and we can still make a bowl game, so we always have something to lose.”

On the possibility of not getting a shot:

“Coach Long did a really good job of just keeping me in practice so that never crossed my mind.”

On competing for the starting job:

“Just coming to a Division 1 program I knew that I wanted a fresh start, and with the new coaching staff I knew I would have a chance to come compete and try and help the team win.”

On whether he is nervous:

“Not really. If you go out here and do it in practice and watch it on film you should be good.”

On family coming for the game:

“My dad will be making it, my mom actually has to stay back home and take care of some grandkids, but my dad will be making the trip.”

On playing on the road:

“I think its always a great opportunity to come out and help your team win, so I think it’s a great opportunity. I’m just trying to help the team.”

On the conversation with his dad about being the starter:

“He was excited and he said to take the opportunity and try to help the team and play the best you can.”

On getting the ball out quickly:

“It’s hard to say. You are your worst critic so I don’t know what I do well. I just go out and try and help the team.”