Inside the Huddle with Daymond Patterson (Oct. 27)

Oct. 27, 2011

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102711aad_213_6626465.jpegHey everybody! It’s Daymond Pattersonagain with another edition of my weekly blog. I hope everyone has enjoyed the blog so far.

For those of you wondering how I have been doing since I decided to redshirt, well I want to let you all know that I have been holding up really well. I have been out at practice a lot and there have been some guys that have really caught my eye since I been out–particularly some young guys you maybe haven’t been hearing a lot about.

Andrew Turzilli, Connor Embree, Mike Cummings and Blake Jablonskihave all impressed me.

Drew (Turzilli) or “Big Drew” has really made a lot of strides to becoming a better all-around player. He has great height, can catch the ball really well and once he gets moving he is out of the gates.

102711aad_213_6625335.jpegConnor has also been really good with the receivers this year. Connor is not the fastest guy on the field, but runs really good routes which is why I nicknamed him “Smooth”–and once he catches the ball he is always going to make a couple of guys miss. When you watch him on film, he looks like he is kind of gliding on the field, but he just continues to get open and make plays.

Michael has really improved on his reads throughout the season and is really becoming a good quarterback. He is not just an athlete back there at the position, but he is actually a quarterback. He has to–by far–throw the hardest ball I have ever caught in my life from something other than a jugs machine. We always give him a hard time about how hard he throws the ball, but he has made some big steps this season to being a more complete quarterback.

Blake has impressed me since he has been here. He is a really good quarterback. I believe he holds many of the Kansas State High School records at the quarterback position so go look him up. This guy is always consistent and you rarely see him have an off-day. When his number is called to come in and make a play that is just what he does. So far it has been a great 102711aad_213_6625072.jpegexperience seeing all these guys improve their game and knowing that in the near future they will be able to help our team win games.

This week’s game is versus Texas. Texas has had a pretty good season so far, but we are looking to go down to Austin and get a big upset. This game is really big for a lot of guys on our football team because many of us grew up in Texas. Growing up in Texas all you hear about or see is the University of Texas and either you loved them or hated them. Personally I was never a Texas fan, so I would love nothing more than to see us go down there and get a big win and put a loss on their record. This game is also big for the Texas natives on the team because so many family members that don’t get to see them play much will finally have a chance to do so in Austin. Also, if we are able to walk away with a win then our guys from Texas will get bragging rights for the next year when they go home to see all their friends and family.

102711aad_213_6626474.jpegWith all that being said we cannot worry too much about the outside factors. We are just going to go down to Austin and play our best game of the season and get this victory. Getting a win down in Austin would be huge for us going forward in the season, so I’m expecting us to come out swinging.

Well that is it for this edition of `Inside the Huddle with Daymond Patterson.’ Everybody have a safe–Rock Chalk–weekend!!!