KU-CU Postgame Quotes

Oct. 28, 2006

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Oct. 28, 2006 * Memorial Stadium * Lawrence, Kan.

Kansas Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Mark Mangino

On Todd Reesing:

“I talked with Todd on the bus after last week’s game about the possibility that he could be pressed in to service (against Colorado). It could be because of injury, it could be because we are not moving the ball, it could be that it is in our best interest to get him some playing time. He was going to have to get ready for some playing time this week and prepare. You can see he was prepared.”

Anytime you put a true freshman in a game and you are playing in the home-stretch of the season, you’re not sure what he is going to do. He has been with us since the spring. He has a spirit about him – he is a happy guy. He likes to play football. He accepts responsibilities that you give him. He accepts coaching and constructive criticism very well. He is a happy-go-lucky guy, yet very intelligent. He can throw the ball very well – he puts velocity on it. We’ve had trouble catching some of his passes. I felt good about putting him in. I had no reservations when I put him in at halftime.”

“A lot of people overlooked him because they thought he wasn’t tall enough. That’s our benefit – that’s our gain. We don’t care what kids look like or how tall they are. We care if they can play. He has the ability, no question.”

On Aqib Talib

“Aqib played very well. Because we had been giving up some big plays in the secondary, his outstanding play has been overshadowed in recent weeks. He played fantastic. He played the way he is capable of playing. The (other players) rally around him on defense because they know he is a guy that can make a lot of plays. He wanted to win, like all the kids did. I thought it was a complete team effort, but Aqib really led the way on defense.”

On the players’ attitudes:

“We will always play hard and we will always be prepared to play. Sometimes the games don’t end the way we like, but our kids will never lie down. That will never happen.”

Senior Safety Jerome Kemp

On the defense:

“I thought we played a really solid game. We were banging on all cylinders. As far as the secondary goes, we are at the point where we want to be.”

On Aqib Talib:

“Aqib is an excellent player. I have been saying that since he arrived here as a freshman. I knew he was an athlete and was extremely talented. That is why we had him out there. If it was up to me, I would not throw at Aqib, but they took a chance of throwing at one of our lock-down cornerbacks.”

On the victory:

“It feels great – such a relief. We were in the predicament last year, but right now, we are just focusing on one game at a time to become bowl-eligible.”

Sophomore Cornerback Aqib Talib

On the victory:

“It is a big win. We got that monkey off our backs. It was a good win at home.”

On his first interception of the game:

“It was a spark that got things going, for both the offense and defense. We were playing zero-coverage because we were blitzing everybody. I knew the ball had to come out fast, so I didn’t back-peddle as much and I just broke on the ball quickly.”

On playing wide receiver:

“They gave me a couple of balls. I have been working on it some at practice. I guess the coaches were just trying to do something new.”

On the defense:

“The defense played an excellent game – probably the best we have played all year.”

Sophomore Offensive Tackle Anthony Collins

On the KU’s attitude at halftime:

“We were not getting frustrated. We understood that Colorado was second in the Big 12 in rushing defense. We wanted to run the ball down their throats, but Colorado made it tough on us.”

Senior Running Back Jon Cornish

On his impression of Reesing:

“He has always been the guy that will go out there, and if he made a mistake would bounce right back. He is a good playmaker as well, which was evident tonight. He is very poised, which is amazing for a true freshman.”

On Colorado’s defense:

“I was hoping for a few more yards tonight, but they came out and played a lot of defense. They crowded the ball like I’ve never seen before.”

On reaching 1,000-yard mark:

“I’m satisfied, but not satisfied with my whole season yet.”

Freshman Quarterback Todd Reesing

On being informed he was going to play:

“In the beginning of the first half, Coach Mangino pulled me over and told me I would start the second half. Also, he said to relax and have some fun. I went in at halftime, got loose and got ready to play.”

On his first complete pass to Jake Sharp:

“We worked that play all week and knew it would be good for us. We knew we were going to start clicking from there on out.”

On being considered the game’s hero:

“You can point fingers here-and-there about big plays. As many good plays as I might have had, there were also some bad ones. The fumble-back for the touchdown – I would like to take that back. But, you can’t say one person is a hero because the offensive line did a great job all day long making plays and Aqib (Talib) making picks and defensive stops. I don’t think you can say anyone is a hero. Everyone is going to play their own part.”

On the fumble:

“I have been wondering about what happened to this point. It was the same play we ran earlier when I scored. I was just pushing the hole and trying to find a gap, and the ball just slipped out. I just wish it would have bounced to someone else. It was fortunate it did not affect the outcome of the game.”

Junior Tight End Derek Fine

On Reesing:

“He came in and did a great job. It is just part of our team that we try to emphasize. If somebody goes down and if it’s your time to step up, you go in and do what you can. That is definitely what he did.”

On the first half:

“It was horrible. He (Reesing) definitely sparked our offense. We were not clicking and things were not going well. Anyone watching could see things just weren’t going well. It was definitely a big pick-me-up when Todd came in and sparked the offense. Everyone got excited.”

Head Coach Dan Hawkins

On the difference between halves:

“A couple of big plays. That’s all.”

On the Colorado two quarterback rotation:

“I don’t know if nine points is what you’re looking for. James (Cox) can see a few more things on the field.”

On James Cox’s injury:

“He’s most likely done for the season (broken thumb).”

On Kansas QB Todd Reesing:

“He came in and did a great job, running around and made some big plays. He was their spark and got them going. You have to give him credit. He botched a couple of plays too, but he was their motivation. There’s no question about that.”

Sophomore Free Safety Ryan Walters

On the game:

“We looked great in the first half. I don’t know what happened there at the end. I think people got too comfortable with the way we were playing and Kansas executed great in the second half. Their quarterback (Reesing) gave them a spark. He did a great job of moving around and keeping the ball alive. We just didn’t put it away.”

On Todd Reesing:

“He did a great job. When we thought we had him he got out of the pocket and moved around. He made great decisions, so my hat’s off to him.”

On the second half:

“They got a couple of big plays early. We came out flatter than we should have and didn’t match their intensity. I take responsibility for some of that. Bottom line is we’ve got to do a better job of executing.”

Junior Quarterback Bernard Jackson

On the game:

“The first half we came out and were moving the ball. The second half it seemed like there was a turn of momentum. We should have capitalized on some of the drives in the second half and we didn’t take advantage of it.”

Freshman Tight End Riar Geer

On the trick play:

“We just put the play in this week, just trying to change something up. I had a feeling he was going to call it all game. It had been a good play in practice. Unfortunately, I didn’t run it right. I shouldn’t have thrown it at all. We were expecting the corner to bite on the run and when he didn’t bite I threw it anyway. I felt like he was open but I just threw a bad pass.”