Kansas to face Texas Tech in a Play-In Game Monday

Oct. 31, 2009


The Big 12 Conference has reconsidered its tie-breaker ruling from Friday night, meaning that the Kansas soccer team will play a play-in match on Monday against Texas Tech at 6 p.m., to determine the No. 8 seed in the Big 12 Soccer Championship.

On Saturday afternoon, the conference released the following statement:

“In regards to the seeds for the 2009 Big 12 Soccer Championship, the language to break the three-way tie between Baylor, Kansas and Texas Tech is open to interpretation and can be applied in different ways. The coaches and administrators will consider a clearer interpretation of the rule in the offseason.

The resolution is to conduct a play-in game between Kansas and Texas Tech Monday, Nov. 2 at 6:00 p.m. CT at Blossom Soccer Stadium in San Antonio, Texas.

The winner of the play-in game will advance to Wednesday’s quarterfinal as the No. 8 seed and play No. 1 seed Missouri.”

This marks the first time the conference has utilized a play-in game to decide qualifiers for its postseason tournament.