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Oct. 31, 2010

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Kansas Postgame Quotes

Kansas 83, Fort Hays State 62

31 October, 2010

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

Opening Statement:

“Let me just address the obvious first. We’re being precautious with Krysten (Boogaard), she has some tendonitis and has been real sore. We just felt like going in – we have not completely shut her down – but we have limited her a bunch lately and just feel like we need her more in two weeks or three week then we need her right now. So she is okay, she just has some tendonitis. Angel (Goodrich), as far as I know, is okay; I haven’t heard anything differently and I didn’t hear anything in the locker room.

I think on both sides of the floor, I think defensively obviously there will be a lot on film that we’ll be able to work on and get better at. A lot of the middle penetration and the on-ball-screen defense, in particular in the second half – we didn’t contain our guy one-on-one or get up and be as much of a distraction on the ball as I think we can be.

We’ve had some kids turn the corner here the last couple of days and commit to that. Offensively we threw it inside to Carolyn (Davis) obviously that’s been important and any big that was in today got a couple of touches deep. I loved Marisha’s (Brown) aggressiveness on the offensive end to get to the rim and to rebound; I loved her on the defensive end and once we get more people to play at her level and her pace, on the defensive end. We have a pretty good chance to be good defensively. We’re not there yet but if you asked me if I thought we would be there today I would have said no – I’m not going to lie to you – but I think we can get there. I really like our athleticism and once we find some balance with all of that, I thought that everyone that came in gave us something on both ends of the floor. So it’s a good start and we work from here and get back in the gym tomorrow.”

On guards going through Carolyn Davis:

“I think in time we are going to have to be more patient – I don’t know if we’ll get it that quick – but there were a couple of possessions in the middle of the first half where we reversed the ball and got it to her. I think offensively, the ball kind of dies on one side of the floor and when you do that, some help comes and that’s where she gets tied up a little bit.

We had some sets where we committed to reversing the ball and then we got her on the back side because we had some screening action to decoy a little bit. Obviously she will be a point of emphasis, a focal point, but we have to have some patience at times to find her on a ball reversal or a high-low. I think our young kids have embraced two things: guard, and throw it inside. Own that right away and then we’ll build from there.”

Kansas center Carolyn Davis

On the first game of the season

“It felt good to be back out there playing with my teammates. We had a good win and the freshman came out and did a great job.”

On her touches this game

“I thought the guards did a great job throwing the ball into the post. We worked on that in practice, I knew the ball was going to come and I was ready for it.”

On her confidence as a sophomore

“I felt like I am a lot more confident than last year. Last year I was still trying to figure everything out as a freshman. I feel that I have a lot more experience under my belt and am more ready and confident to take shots.”

Kansas point guard Angel Goodrich

On center Carolyn Davis

“If she plays like this in the Big 12, she will be great. I know that there is a difference between the game against Fort Hays State and in the Big 12, but we still have to come into every practice ready to work and ready to improve.”

On her confidence throwing the ball to Carolyn Davis

“I have a lot of confidence in her she finishes well everyday and works hard everyday in practice. There were sometimes today that we forced the ball to Carolyn, but we have to be more patient and get a better angle to throw her the ball.”

On the freshman

“They played really good this game. I know that they were nervous for their first college game, but we have all been there. I let them know that I am there to help them and keep them calm. I tell them that they just need to go out there and have fun and your teammates have you back.

On her recovery

“My knee is going pretty good there is still some scare tissue in there that is breaking up. I feel it from time to time. It feels great to be back on the court with my teammates. Getting on the court and playing a real game is so exciting.”

Fort Hays State Head Coach Tony Hobson

Opening Statements:

“I basically liked what I saw out of our kids. We wanted to get a few things out of today. One of them was, (that) I wanted us to compete for 40 minutes today and I thought we were able to do that. Sometimes coming into an environment like this with a lot of new players, you get intimidated and we did not want to get into that mode. We wanted to just improve and be better at the end of the game and be better than we were when we started. I think we were able to accomplish our goals. All in all, I was happy with the way our kids played.”

On defending Carolyn Davis:

“It was obviously pretty difficult. She was tough, we didn’t have an answer for her. I knew coming in that they would always have at least two bigs out there. We’re going for a four guard lineup and maybe have a couple of bigger guards out there. Our post player is 5’11, she is listed at six foot, but I think that’s a stretch. I thought in the second half, we defended Carolyn a little bit better, at least we made her work a little. They turned it over two or three times when they were trying to get it into her. Our adjustments were ok, but she is just a good player. One thing about big kids, they can either catch the ball or they can’t. She’s got really good hands, that’s something you can’t teach. Some of those passes that she had to catch, she was able to find the basket and still able lay it in. That’s not as easy as she made it look. Like I said she’s a great player and we didn’t really have an answer for her. She was tough on us today.”

Closing Statements:

“I told (KU Coach) Henrickson that we really appreciate the opportunity to do this. It’s fun for us and it kind of gives us a measuring stick for what we need to work on. It’s a good experience for our kids. It was a great improvement from the last time we were here. Two years ago we scored 37 points. We have a whole knew crew in and I think we are on the right track, we are improving our program, and hopefully we can continue to do so.”