Postgame Quotes

Nov. 2, 2008

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Post Game Quotes

Kansas 93 Fort Hays State 37

November 2, 2008

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

Thoughts on the game:

“I thought our unselfishness was good. We took some good shots. Considering it’s early in the season, I thought our rhythm was good offensively. We are still only 15 practices in, which is the quickest we have played in a long time. We had great energy and great effort and we did a lot of positive things. There are a lot of things on film that we need to address defensively for us before we play again in a week.”

On the post play during the game:

“I thought we missed some shots around the rim. We took a lot of shots off of one leg or off-balance, so that is where we need to grow a little bit and that’s where Krysten (Boogaard) needs to grow. She pulled it down and they tied her up and made her pay for that. It’s good for her to learn. I think coming in we wanted her to be able to establish an inside game. I thought Porscha (Weddington) was good. She was active on the glass and her presence in the paint was good, but obviously we are going to need to see more from Krysten next weekend.”

On limiting turnovers in the game:

“It’s a good start, we made smart passing decisions. Coming off of last year this is significant for us, managing possessions and taking care of the basketball.”

On the leading scorers Danielle McCray and Sade Morris

“I thought Sade was really in a rhythm. I didn’t think Danielle was in a good rhythm early, but I thought she did what great players do. They go get offensive rebounds, feel better about themselves and get some confidence back.”

On the rebounding margin:

“They were strong on the offensive glass, and we didn’t do a good job of boxing out. We just tried to win a jumping contest. You have to give those kids (Fort Hays State) credit because they didn’t give up. They kept trying to get second and third opportunities. There were more opportunities for them to have, because we forced tough shots and those become defensive rebound opportunities for us. We have to address the fact that we weren’t able to contain them and dominate the boards.”

Senior guard Sade Morris

On the team playing together:

“I think we played really well today. We came out with confidence. We’re ready and this game is going to help us get ready for the others and it helps us to be confident. I think we played really well on our on-ball defense. It’s a great game for us to learn from.”

On the importance of the transition game:

“It will be very important. To get fast break points we have to play great defense. If we have great defense at times, it’s going to make the game easier for us. On nights that we can’t get into an offensive flow we have to rely on our defensive changes.”

Senior Forward Danielle McCray

On playing with a big lead in the second half:

“I didn’t even notice. It wasn’t that hard because we were trying to focus on things we should be doing to get better. We weren’t focused on building the lead, we focused on containing and keeping someone in front. At halftime we just said it was a new game.”

On next Sunday’s game:

“It will be different. As Coach Henrickson said, we’ve never been up at halftime against Washburn. We’ve lost to them a couple of times. Washburn is a good team. We’ve got to fix some stuff that we have on tape that we didn’t do well tonight, and I think we’ll be fine.”

Head Coach Tony Hobson
On the game:
“I thought KU looked good. They are very experienced, and experience early in the season can make it tough on you. I thought that even though the game was out-of-hand, their players always showed a lot of respect. There was no nonsense. They are a class bunch and that comes from their coach. I just really appreciate the way we were treated, not only before and after the game, but also during the game. I appreciate stuff like that.”

On coaching his first game at Fort Hays State:
“I was looking forward to coming down here, but at the same time, I knew what we were in for. We had not had any competition against anybody outside ourselves, and this was a pretty tough first test. We can learn from this and we didn’t get anyone hurt. We were just outmanned, inside especially. We have a couple of kids that are going to be forced to play out-of-position this year, but it was a good learning experience.”

On Kansas:
“We knew that (Danielle) McCray was a great player. I think (Krysten) Boogaard is a good, solid player. She gets good position and has good footwork. They’re totally unselfish and they have a couple kids that can break you down off the dribble and they have kids that can hit shots. They have the makings of a good offensive squad. And they play hard and crash the boards, so I sure don’t see them finishing where they were picked and that’s probably motivation for them right now.”