Coach Gill Meets with Media Wednesday

Nov. 2, 2011

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas head coach Turner Gill met with the media Wednesday night following the team’s first indoor practice of the season in Anschutz Pavilion. Gill talked about the importance of staying connected with his players as the team heads into the Iowa State game.

Below is a sample of the interview:

Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill

On practicing inside:
“We got our debut on the inside turf today and it worked out pretty well. Obviously, it was good for us to go in and get some quality work and get the guys focused on our game plan for Iowa State.”

On if changing things in practice has paid off:
“I guess we’ll find out on Saturday if it’s paid off to be honest with you, we’re just changing a few things, nothing drastic. We’re just trying to keep our guys intense, focused and be able to make tackles, plays and throws because as we go through the season you kind of get monotonous over the same routine. So we’re just trying to change up the practice part of it and change the routine because I think when you stimulate the brain it does help some guys to do better.”

On running exercises the players are doing to foster competition:
“We’ve been mixing it up with some up-downs, nothing really that’s going to drastically hurt them or kill them; it’s just mixing up some different things to bring out the competitiveness. It’s like in a game, treating it like it counts because in the game of football, you win and you lose so we want to bring that to practice and simulate some things from the game that you have in practice. Some things are good and some aren’t so good.”

On improvements to the offensive line:
“I just think overall we need to put together a better game plan as coaches to give us a better chance. I think we also need to get off the ball and do what we have to do as far as our five guys and the tight ends. We’ve put together what we think have been our best plays so far this season and some other little schemes that we can incorporate that are best for our running backs and the people doing the blocking. So we looked at things a little deeper, just trying to make sure that we can improve going into this next ball game and that’s all you can do.”

On how losing the running game can negatively affect the offense:
“It makes things a little more difficult, we don’t think throwing the ball 30 or 40 times a game is best way for us to be productive. We just need to make adjustments and we will have a more productive day against Iowa State.”

On taking other measures to get to the mental side of the players:
“I talk to the players one-on-one and all of the coaches one-on-one, trying to get a little deeper instead of just what’s on the surface. I have deeper conversations with them and I’m going to take the time to tell them what I see and I like to hear what they see. We want to make sure we know what we’re trying to get accomplished and what I think and he thinks he needs to do in order to get better and our football team better.”

“I want to give the guys some confidence but also challenge them and tell them this is what you need to get done, if you don’t then we need to make some changes to get it going the right way. You have to do all types of things so you aren’t staying status quo. I really believe in stimulating the brain to better them.”