Senior Profile: Jessica Kilpatrick

Nov. 3, 2006


For the next week, will profile the five Jayhawk seniors. Today, forward Jessica Kilpatrick is in the spotlight.

Jessica Kilpatrick



Englewood, Colo.

Club Team
Colorado Soccer Academy

Career Highlights

Scored two goals against Illinois State in the first round of the 2003 NCAA TournamentScored the game-winning goal in first round of the 2003 Big 12 Tournament against OklahomaNotched eight goals and seven assists in her career

Best thing about playing soccer at KU:<?xml:namespace prefix=”o” ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”?>

The opportunity to get a great education and play at the highest level of soccer.

I chose to come to KU because:

I enjoyed Lawrence and thought the campus was beautiful

Favorite Male Soccer Player:

Joe Cole

Team other than the U.S. that you cheered for during the World Cup:

Brazil – big disappointment!

If you could do any goal celebration what would it be?

Pullups on the goal post…jk, a simple fist pump is good enough for me, scoring the goal is the fun part

Pregame ritual:

Ride my bike to the locker room, then relax, listen to music, try not to get too caught up in the superstitions

Closest friend on another team:

Aria Hudetz (Missouri)

Favorite actor:

Jeff Bridges

Favorite TV show:

‘Project Runaway’/’Grey’s Anatomy’

Favorite movie:

‘The Big Lebowski’

Greatest soccer memory so far:

Winning regionals in Hawaii my senior year of HS

Favorite place to eat in Lawrence:

Rudy’s Pizza or La Parrilla

Favorite vacation spot:

Anywhere with mountains

Favorite song on my `iPod’:

Bela Fleck – ‘The Overgrown Waltz’

Not many people know this about me:

I am a vegitarian

Outside of soccer, my greatest talent is:

Being really cool! Or sewing

After college, I plan to:

Hopefully join the peace corp. or some other group in East Africa. Then come home and live in the mountains.

Thing you’re going to miss most about KU soccer:
I would say I am going to miss the competitive spirit of the game. There is nothing better then being on the field at game time. I will never play at this level again or have this much to play for. However, I would also say the relationships that you make and grow by being surrounded by 20 some other players, and individuals. Each person is so different and has something to offer and to learn from or with. I enjoy people in general but these girls and my soccer experience have taught me a lot about myself and my life.