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Nov. 2, 2011

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Kansas 83, Emporia State 61
November 2, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:
“(We were) Really pleased coming out of the locker room at half, considering the score. As a coach you always say zero-zero, try to throw another punch coming out of the locker room. What it did was allow us to play the young kids some in the second half. I was excited for the returners to do that and allow a bit of a cushion. I thought Angel’s (Goodrich) play-making and shot selection was good, she ended up with a couple late clock shots because it became hot potato, everyone throw it to Angel when Donielle [Breaux] and Natalie [Knight] were on the floor with her for that stretch. She got caught with a couple that she probably shouldn’t have to take. The two things that are most alarming were we didn’t contain the ball one-on-one, we let it go middle, middle kick out three, and on the boards we stopped working when the shot went up and watched it. They got some bad bounces and I thought they did a good job on the glass. Moving forward, we have to get ready for Pitt State, because they are going to penetrate and put it on the floor a bunch. I thought our zone offense execution was pretty good, we haven’t played against much of it, we did a little bit, so we had it in this summer. I thought we shared the ball, which we always do, (we took) good shots, you should take a shot if it’s one you can make unless someone else has a better one, and I think we let go of it to get someone an uncontested shot a lot. Only probably three or four times did we take something challenged that we probably should have let go of.”

On Angel Goodrich:
“She got some other people to guard her, sucked some people up. (She) Got the pull-up jumper, got to the rim and got fouled, was aggressive in the lane, kicked out when she should’ve. I thought her decisions were really, really good. I thought she did a really good job of getting us into the half-court offense when we needed to, but I think she did a really good job of attacking and making good decisions.”

On the play of the freshmen:
“I thought they did a good job. What Bunny [Williams] did for us, every day she rebounds, she seals her guy, she is the most physical post player we have, and is willing to use her body and sit on someone and pin. I thought she did a nice job on some down screens and post ups. I thought Donielle, until she got gassed there in the second half, did a nice job picking up the ball on a missed shot on our end. I thought we put Chelsea [Gardner] in a tough spot by throwing it to her when she was out of the lane, and they came and doubled, and she is not ready to do that. She is not a perimeter player and she is not ready for any of that. I thought from a tempo standpoint Asia [Boyd] made good decisions; she drove it, she has been able to keep us in an offense and that is what I have talked to her about. (She needs to) Keep her dribble, and then go make a play if she have one. Natalie did a good job, she didn’t make a lot of shots, and that is something that she has been pretty consistent at. Overall I think those kids did a nice job. We started the second half growing the lead, allowed those guys to play, and it was good for them to get those kind of minutes.”

On Aishah Sutherland having a breakout year:
“It should be. (She needs) To be more physical, to drive and finish, be a better communicator, all the things that she should be able to do as a senior now. You have a sense of urgency as a senior that you don’t ever have any other time in your career. I have a sense that she feels that. With every day that passes it turns up a little bit. Because she is one of the strongest kids in the weight room, I still think she can put it on the floor, drive and get fouled. If you look at her point production, it should be from the free throw line. That’s where she should be able to play people one-on-one and put up more numbers. From a consistency standpoint, it (her play) will be important for us as a team. She is like the x-factor a bit, when she plays well, we have a pretty good chance to win.”

On Keena Mays:
“Keena needs to compete every day. At her best, and what she is capable of giving us, she is able to help us, absolutely. If we get that from her then we are better, which is what you would say about any of these guys. That was just a little message from me and she understands that and there should be no reason for her not to get back in the rotation. It will always be team first. It will always be compete every day. It has to be. In the league we are in, everyone has to (be ready to) go.”

Kansas junior Carolyn Davis
On the game:
“It was good. It was exciting to get back out there on the court. I think it was good to see the freshmen get out there and play a lot. That was a good thing for us to show what they have to offer.”

On the freshmen:
“I think they all did great. The posts went in and played the way we play in the post. They showed us what they’ve been learning all week. I think the guards were very aggressive. Natalie (Knight) did great at the point with the freshmen, too.”

Kansas freshman Natalie Knight
On her first collegiate game:
“It was exciting. I was a little nervous at the beginning, but as the opening tip went up and our team came together, it wasn’t hard to get in the flow of the game. I enjoyed it.”

On what she hopes to contribute to the team this year:
“Whatever my role is going to be on the team, I want to do that and help in any way I can. Whatever we’re lacking that game, I want to be able to help pick the team up.”

On how Angel Goodrich has been helping her development:
“Every day in practice, Angel pushes me and makes me better. She’s so good; she makes very few mistakes. Coming to practice every day and knowing you have to bring it, she’s helped me from the point guard standpoint. She’s a great role model.”

Kansas junior Angel Goodrich
On the freshmen:
“They know what we’re trying to do and trying to accomplish here. I feel like they played really well for their first college game. They didn’t look nervous at all. They did what they’ve been doing in practice, and it really showed.”

On her individual performance:
“I feel like I did pretty well. I like to push the ball, so – pushing the ball, seeing the open guy, looking ahead and being more of a scorer this year – I’ve been working on that. I feel like I did pretty well.”

On what she’s working on besides scoring more often:
“On the defensive side, I want to be able to pressure and contain my guy one-on-one. That’s what I’m looking to improve on right now.”

Emporia State head coach Jory Collins
On the opportunity to play Kansas:
“Coming in and playing a Big 12 team is a great opportunity for us. I know our girls were looking forward to it. Kansas has some tremendous athletes and we were out sized at most of the spots; it showed especially in transition. We were trying to get back and just couldn’t get there. Kansas lived inside the lane; scoring 50 points in the paint and a lot of those were in transition. I think we played really good half-court defense but we didn’t get a chance to get them in the half-court very often. I thought that was the big difference in the game. Our goal today was to be as competitive as possible and see what we need to work on by watching the film tomorrow. That is the best team we are going to play all year and we hung in during some stretches.”

On Kansas junior guard Angel Goodrich:
“I haven’t seen a better point guard than Goodrich at our level. She is lightning quick and sees the floor great. When she catches the outlet she only needs two dribbles and she is at half-court and she is on you. By that time you are in retreat mode the entire time. She is a terrific creator and for a point guard she does what you would want a point guard to do. She makes everyone else better on her team.”

Sophomore forward Kelsey Balcom
On trying to contain the Kansas offense:
“They seemed a bit faster and a little bit stronger than we are and they are obviously a little bit bigger. We just tried to play as good as we could in the half-court. I think we learned a lot from this game.”

Junior guard Jocelyn Cummings
On matching up against the Kansas guards:
“They play at a fast pace and we just had to be ready to move our feet, anticipate where they might go and play solid defense.”