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Nov. 4, 2007

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Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007

Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the game:

“I thought offensively we did a good job of sharing the ball and we probably overpassed the ball at times. Defensively we had great energy, but we are going to have to get a little better on one-on-one defense. They were able to penetrate and get the ball inside. I thought we did rotate well defensively, but give them credit when we gave them open shots, they hit them. There are some things we still need to work on, but overall there were a lot of positives and contributions from a lot of players.”

On Sophomores Sade Morris and Danielle McCray:

“I really liked how Sade came down the lane with some good shots. She was in a very good rhythm. Danielle also played well and she is a very good catch and shoot player. We didn’t get as much as we wanted from Danielle inside, but they did some things defensively to prevent that from happening.”

On KU’s 55-31 rebounding edge:

“A lot of those rebounds for us came off of missed shots. We sometimes played catch with ourselves when we would miss three or four shots. I really didn’t think we were all that good at rebounding in the first half. Our shooters need to follow their shots a little better.”

On freshmen Nicollette Smith:

“I thought she shot the ball well tonight and we are starting to learn how to play with her better on the on-ball screens. She has a quick release. She is a good player, but we have to be better on how we get her the ball.”

KU Player Quotes

Sophomore guard Sade Morris

On the sophomores:

“This year is a lot easier because we know what to expect. Last year we didn’t know what the pace was going to be like or how much the Jayhawks were going to need us; we were just thrown into everything. We had to fight through it and get better. Now, coming into this year we know exactly what to expect. Taking the knowledge from last year we try to help the freshmen out and tell them that it’s not like anything you would expect – it’s going to be more than what you expect and you have to be ready to give it your all.”

On her play with Danielle McCray:

“I think it helped us going to Australia. That was when we realized that we could really help this team out. I know what she’s going to do and she knows what I’m going to do, which makes it easier for us to fulfill our roles on the team. I think it’s working really well for us.”

Freshman forward Nicollette Smith

On her deep shot:

“It felt so good. She (head coach Bonnie Henrickson) has helped me to feel more and more confident about my shot. I know I can shoot but shooting at the college level is a step up from high school. That’s what Bonnie saw in me when I played in high school. That is why she wanted to bring me here and I felt that it is a good spot for me. I wanted to fulfill that role.”

On playing at Allen Fieldhouse for the first time:

“Today went so fast. I got the chills walking out onto the court. But that’s what it feels like every day when you play at the birthplace of basketball.”

Sophomore forward Danielle McCray:

On the freshmen:

“I think they played well. Nic (Nicollette Smith) came out and made some big shots. Krysten (Boogaard) was in there holding up (Larissa Richards). Chakeitha (Weldon) came in and had a little spark towards the end. Overall, I was very impressed.”

On Australia:

“Australia was a good trip for us. We gained confidence in what we could do. I think Sade found some confidence in Australia and so did Porscha (Weddington). She’s (Pprscha) talking more, is a lot more powerful and no longer plays intimidated down low. I think Australia gave us a good look at what our season could be like this year.”

Opponent Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Lane Lord

On the game:

“I think what we wanted to get out of this was that we could compete and compete at a high level. I think we did that for a few minutes in this game. We showed signs that we have a chance to be a pretty good ballclub. But in the end, the athleticism, speed and height advantage for them took over. I am real proud of our bunch. They came out and competed well. Obviously, offensively we have some work to do, but I was proud of our effort and that is the main thing.”

On Kansas Forward Taylor McIntosh, a former player of Coach Lord’s in high school:

“I love Taylor. She is like a daughter to me. I am real proud of her. She has become an outstanding student-athlete. She is about to get into pharmacy school. I have known Taylor since she was in fifth or sixth grade. She has a great family. We won a lot of games in high school when I was her coach, and she is a pretty good player. She brings great leadership, outstanding defense and I think she makes everyone around her better. It was fun to play against her.”

Freshman Guard and Lawrence native Jenna Brantley

On playing in Allen Fieldhouse:

“I was really nervous at first, but it was good to play in front of all my friends and family and old teammates.”

On what she thought when she made her first basket in Allen Fieldhouse:

“To get back on defense before I would get yelled at. No time to celebrate.”

On how playing Kansas prepares them for the rest of the season:

“I think it prepares us a lot. I think we did really well on defense, but it will help us on offense because that is what we really need to work on. It will help us prepare for other good teams we play this year and help us get ready for our conference.”