Q&A with Sophomore Victoria Khanevskaya

Nov. 4, 2010

Victoria Khanevskaya is a sophomore Kansas tennis player out of Russia. So far in the fall season, she has paced the Jayhawks with an 8-2 singles record and won her flight at the KU Invitational two weeks ago. Khavevskaya and doubles partner, senior Kate Goff, also won their doubles flight at Notre Dame’s Eck Classic last month. She reviews her expectations from the last fall tournament which will be held in San Diego and also her goals for the spring season.

Q. How do you feel about your first flight win at the KU invitational?
A. It feels great. I worked really hard on improving myself after the first tournament and I think I did improved a lot. The atmosphere at the courts was fantastic because my teammates were there cheering for me. I was so happy that everyone was there, especially when I played my final match I was even happier because Coach (Amy Hall-Holt) got to see me compete. It gave me lot of confidence that I will use during the tournament in San Diego.

Q. What are your goals and expectations for the San Diego State Fall Classic?
A. I’m looking forward to going to San Diego because finally, the whole team will travel together. We have been separated for two tournaments this fall and I didn’t like it. So it’s going to be so much fun for all of us. All the coaching staff will be with us, so I just can’t wait for this tournament. Also, there are going be lot of good teams that will make the tournament more competitive. I’m excited about it.

Q. You won the tournament in doubles in Notre Dame this fall with Kate Goff. How do you like to play doubles with her?
A. Oh, Kate – she is an amazing doubles partner. She improves every time with every game. We play really well together. One of the key points in doubles is communication, and for us this is not causing any problem. We communicate perfectly on the court. She is always very positive and ready to fight for every point, and that makes me want to help her out and fight more and more.

Q. What are your goals for the next spring?

A. Next spring will be more exciting than the previous season. We’ve got a lot of new good players that will make our team much stronger. I think it is going to be fun. I think the goal for the team is to win the Big 12 because our conference is very tough and right now there are no obstacles for the Jayhawks to win Big 12 in tennis. I’m sure we can do it, we just have to work hard as a team and support each other all the time. Also, my personal goal is to stay in the line up and bring a win for my team and never give up because that is the most important quality that makes a good tennis player.