Kansas Postgame Quotes - vs. Fort Hays State (Exhibition)

Nov. 4, 2012

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Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On Sunday’s game:
“I’m real pleased. I thought we had good balance and good energy. We had decent offensive execution early. I thought for us we came out with a lot better balance than we started with last Sunday. I was really proud of how hard they came out and tried to dictate some things.”

On Angel Goodrich’s performance:
“I thought Angel looked really good. I mean just really good with change of pace, change of speed, finish at the rim and making that extra pass. I thought she was real aggressive offensively.”

On Lamaria Cole’s performance:
“Defensively (Cole) tried to stay underneath, not reach, and played with discipline. If you have athleticism without discipline it’s like a deer on ice skates. There’s movement but you don’t know where it’s going. You got to have both especially in our league. Sometimes it all boils down to who’s more disciplined. I thought that was better from her. Offensively, everything was good.”

Kansas senior guard Angel Goodrich
On what went well tonight:
“Just putting pressure on them, making them put their heads down and not see the floor. I didn’t do it just because they were freshman, I just wanted to work on putting more pressure. When we get to our league we’re going to need to keep doing that.”

On her play tonight:
“I feel like I did OK. I got beat a couple times and I don’t like to get beat. When that happens I really get on to myself and that’s personal for me.”

On the prospective season and the chemistry of the team:
“I am very excited for the upcoming season. I feel like we gelled a lot better today than we did last game. I felt like we didn’t play as a team last game. This game no one was selfish at all; we’re a very unselfish team. Everyone is always looking for the next person and we played really well today.”

Kansas sophomore guard Monica Engelman
On her rebounding and her play:
“I am pretty satisfied. I was aggressive and I feel like I won the majority of the boards against whoever I was guarding so I’m really proud of myself. “

On what the team did well today:
“We were really aggressive on the ball and on help side and I think we did a really good job as far as going to the glass aggressively. I think our mindset was a little bit different. We were easy to get fast break points and getting easy points like that is going to give you momentum and make you feel good about yourself.”

Fort Hays State Head Coach Tony Hobson
On his team’s mismatch at point guard:
“We got exposed pretty quickly. I have a couple of freshmen that are going to play there eventually. (Angel) Goodrich is one of the best in the country and a great on-ball defender, and I think sometimes people overlook that about her. You kind of hate to throw them in the fire like that, but you don’t have a choice. This is a game where we’re just trying to get something positive out of it and just worry about things we’re going to use during the year. You hope you don’t get steamrolled like we did, but you face a quality team like we did, and they’re hitting on all cylinders and you’re just a little shorthanded at really the wrong position, stuff like that can happen.”

On Goodrich’s defensive play:
“The first four or five times down the floor, we couldn’t get into anything. We couldn’t run what we wanted to run, so (Goodrich) totally messed it up. Again, the first part of the game is when, if your kids are going to be jittery, that’s when they’re the shakiest. When you put a freshman playing in her second game she’s ever played in, it’s going to be a pretty tough matchup for her.”

On comparing Kansas and Kansas State:
“Obviously, just the power (is a difference). We just got dominated on the boards today, and (against Kansas State) we held our own. I think we were about dead-even rebounding against K-State, so just the physicality. There’s just a big difference in the athleticism. That got us. Not just the size and strength, but the speed. When you don’t have one of your quickest kids, that hurt a little bit, but it still wasn’t going to make that big of a difference today. I would say just power-wise, (Kansas) is a notch above for sure, and I think everybody knows that. Right now, there’s a pretty good difference from what I see.”