Kansas/Nebraska Postgame Quotes

Nov. 5, 2005

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Nebraska Postgame Quotes

Nov. 5, 2005

Head Coach Bill Callahan

On the game:

“First of all, we have to give credit to Kansas. They did a good job. We felt like we had control in the third quarter when it was 17-15, but it got away from us. We didn’t make the plays that we are capable of making. It’s really ­disappointing. We got behind too much at the end. We couldn’t make the plays offensively and defensively to sustain the momentum that we had in the third quarter.”

On the team’s mood:

“It’s a down lockerroom. We’re very disappointed because we had the opportunity to come in here and play well against a good team. We knew Kansas was a good team, especially defensively.”

On Nebraska’s defense:

“I was very surprised that we gave up that many big plays, especially for long yardage. The overall intensity of the defense wasn’t close to our standards. We didn’t see the passion in our guys. You have to bring intensity on the road. The pride of Nebraska is being able to play on the road and bring your A game. It bothers me that that didn’t happen.”

On their performance:

“We just didn’t play well. Our pass protection wasn’t very good and our run defense got beat up. We gave up too many big plays. We weren’t getting [them] off the field enough and we weren’t staying on the field long enough.”

On the Kansas defense:

“Their pass rush is as good as any in the Big 12. I told Coach Mangino that I was very impressed with their defensive line. When you look at film you see that they give everybody problems. We knew coming in that it would be tough to mount a comeback with the passing game because of their rush. The linebackers are also an excellent unit. They have one of the top defenses in the conference and that’s why they’re winning.”

Sophomore Cornerback Cortney Grisby

On the defense’s performance:

“It was a disappointment. We didn’t come ready to play. That’s all it’s chalked up to.”

On the team’s mindset:

“We didn’t come out with that fire. We just didn’t come out with it. They came out with the fire and we didn’t.”

On the success of slant plays:

“We just weren’t breaking on the ball fast enough. We weren’t making plays on the ball.”

On the streak ending:

“It is very disappointing. We came in with high hopes. It’s a disappointment to everybody…the team and the fans.”

Sophomore Linebacker Corey McKeon

On the defense’s poor performance:

“Guys just weren’t taking care of their responsibilities. We were trying to make too many big plays. It came back to bite us a few times. When it bit us, it bit us hard.”

On KU Jon Cornish’s touchdown run:

“They creased us and there weren’t enough guys around the ball. He broke a tackle and he got loose. Every time we miss a tackle it seems like the guy runs for 45 yards.”

On the mood of the team:

“We have to do something. We’ve got all the talent in the world. We’re the best players. All we have to do is band together. We’ve got to do something. No one knows what it is. We’ve got to get together and do it. We’re 1-7 on the road the last two years. That’s embarrassing. We’ve got to come together and play every snap like it’s our last. We just need to go out and play football.”

Senior Free Safety Blake Tietke

On the feelings in the lockerroom:

“Tough. We didn’t play the way we wanted to. We didn’t come out the way we should have. They’re a good team, but we thought we could beat this team on the road and get a victory. We just didn’t do what we needed to do.”

On the end of the streak:

“I’m sure it’s a huge win for their program, but we are just trying to focus and get better ourselves.”

Junior Quarterback Zac Taylor

On the loss:

“It’s embarassing. You don’t want to go on the road and lose 40-15 to a team with a losing record. There is a lot of tradition at Nebraska. We didn’t want that streak to end.”

Kansas Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Mark Mangino

On the game:

“It was a great day here for our football team. I’m extremely proud of our kids. We won the game in nearly every area. We didn’t play perfectly, but we did enough in all three areas of the game. We had very good defense again and we had really good offense, which is starting to hit on all cylinders. More then anything I’m extremely proud of our players. They showed a lot of heart and played good physical football.”

On KU’s offense:

“Our offensive line — you can see the maturity taking place. There is only one senior in that unit. You can see the growth of Jon Cornish as the season progresses, and the steady hand of Clark Green that has been so valuable to us over the years. I thought our offensive line played well against a very physical defensive line.”

On KU’s defense:

“Our defense has some really good individual players, but I think there are one or two guys that really jump out. For the most part it is an ensembled cast. Everybody does their job well and knows their role, and performs it flawlessly. We’re accustomed to seeing great play from our linebackers and sacks from our defensive linemen.”

Senior Defensive End Charlton Keith

On the win:

“The victory today — you see the smiles on the fan’s faces who have been around through the wins and losses of KU versus Nebraska. It was good to see them smiling.”

On the game:

“I come out and play hard every play. As a team, it was the best game we’ve played all year and it was very satisfying.”

Senior Quarterback Jason Swanson
On his composure in the huddle:

“I think it helps (our offense) out a lot to see that if things are going wrong and coaches are getting mad, that I’m still in there smiling and joking. Once that gets in their mind, it picks their spirits up a little bit, and that is what is really important.”

On the celebration:

“It is a great feeling. A lot of people came up to me and gave me hugs saying `thank you.’ It was like I was doing them a favor, but they do us favors by coming to the games. It is just a great feeling to help people after the 36 years of history they have been through.”

On the game:

“It felt good to go out there and dominate from the very beginning. The defense played a phenomenal game, and when they do their thing and we keep them off the field, it gets us going. Once we started scoring touchdowns, it was downhill from there.”

Junior Running Back Jon Cornish

On the atmosphere following the game:

“People have never been this happy. Missouri was a huge win, but we have done that three years in a row. Nobody has done this for 36 years. We all had a lot riding on this game for our bowl berth. Other than that, we had a team that had beaten us for so long that nobody thought we would ever beat them; and we changed that.

On his touchdown run:

“We had a draw called and the blocking was great, so I got through the line just fine. I just tried to go as fast as possible. I correctly timed my strong-arm and it connected perfectly. After that, there was nobody else, just me in the end zone.”

Senior Linebacker Kevin Kane

On the victory:

“Nothing is better than this right now. When you beat a team like Nebraska, with the tradition they have, it is great for this program. We have to keep it going and we are going to have to fight like that every week.”

On the fans:

“Our fans were great. We had a mixed crowd today, but our fans overpowered them. I am proud of them and glad that they are there. We have one more game left (at home), and hopefully it will all be blue.”