Burning Questions: Tertavian Ingram

Nov. 5, 2010

Despite being injured for much of the season, senior wide receiver Tertavian Ingram has served an important role on the team. Ingram, one of the few veterans in the receiving ranks, has been a mentor to several players both in the locker room, as well as on the sideline.

Being from Tampa, what influenced your decision to come play football at KU?

“I wanted to get out of Florida to go off to school and play football. I had visited Rutgers and Purdue before my KU visit but after I came and saw the campus, met some players, and went to a KU basketball game. I was very impressed. My dad lived in Topeka during this time as well so I wanted to go away from home to a place where I had family. So that helped my decision.”

What role did your father play in convincing you to come to Kansas?

“He played a significant role in my decision. Having him really close made it more comfortable and, truth be told, I never got homesick because of my father being in Kansas with me.”

How often do you talk to your dad during the season?

“We talk quite a bit during the season, especially when I first got to KU. At least a few times a week he’d check on me and see how I was doing. Then we always end up talking sports because we’re both really big sports guys and can have an hour conversation just on what’s going on in football or basketball on any level from high school to the pros. It was definitely a blessing having him here with me. It made our father-son bond stronger as well.”

You grew up with five sisters, what were some of the challenges with that?

“Yes, I grew up with five sisters and I’m the only boy.It was really tough sometimes because I saw from a young age that they always thought they were right. It taught me that (sometimes) it’s best to be quiet and listen. That was the best thing they taught me, how to treat and respect women and how to just listen to them no matter what they’re talking about.”

I’ve been told that you have one of the best collections of shoes on the team. What has made you want to collect so many pairs of shoes?

“I am a Jordan collector/shoe fanatic. I always wanted the nice shoes growing up but because things were tight having a single mom raising six children on her own, I couldn’t get all the ones I wanted. As soon as I started on my first job, the shoe collection started and I continue it to this day. I owned about 30 Jordans just last year before I gave some away.”

Being injured this year, what is your role with the team?

“I motivate my teammates to continue to work hard and strive to be the best. I’m a senior so a lot of the guys look up to me; I appreciate that and return the favor by being a good friend and teammate to them.”

What are your memories from the Northern Colorado game last season?

“That game was amazing. I got to start the season opener and I knew I had to make the most of that opportunity. My mother and sister came up to support me when they heard the news of me starting, and I didn’t even know. It was a surprise to me. I had two catches and my first career touchdown in that game. One of the greatest memories of my life.”

What did it feel like to score your first career touchdown?
“It’s indescribable. It’s like you can’t even control your actions, I had always talked about what I would do if I scored a touchdown, but when it actually happened I couldn’t do anything but jump around and chest bump with every teammate in sight. It was the best because my mother got to see me score my first collegiate touchdown in person, so that’s what really made it special.”