Postgame Quotes vs. Iowa State

Nov. 5, 2011

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NOVEMBER 5, 2011

Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill

On the score being so close:
“It hurt, we had opportunities to win the football game, but we didn’t make it happen. There were some good things that did occur for our football team, we played well, we missed some opportunities, but we have to keep competing”

Kansas sophomore quarterback Jordan Webb

On the difficulty of a close loss:
“Our defense definitely gave us a good chance to win, but like I said when it came down to it we, our offense, just couldn’t get it done. A loss is a loss, but when you’re that close and the game is almost in your grasp, it’s definitely different.”

Kansas sophomore running back James Sims

On difficulty of a close loss:
“Every loss hurts. We were in the game all four quarters and we came out and executed, but we just were so close. But I really felt like we got better today. Coach Gill’s motivation is going to keep pushing us through the weeks.”

Kansas sophomore kicker Ron Doherty

On kicking the tying field goal:
“I am always ready at all times, Coach Stamn told me to be ready to go in at all times. It was a great feeling kicking the first field goal of my career in college, it’s under my belt and it felt great.”

On the pressure of the field goal:
“It was easy for me, a good way to start out. It was good to get out there and get three points on there.”

Iowa State Head Coach Paul Rhoads

Opening statement
“First off, I just want to say how privileged I am to be the football coach here. It’s a pretty neat accomplishment to have five straight games where we have at least 50,000 fans in the stadium. I’m proud of them. I’m proud to be the head football coach here. Give credit to Kansas and Turner Gill. They’ve lost six straight games but still came out today and played a hard football game. I’m proud of our foot­ball team. We knew it was going to be that kind of football game. We turned it over three times but we came through it and did what we needed to do to win the game.”

On Jared Barnett:
“I found out that as a football team, when certain individuals aren’t having a performance that have let us in the past, that we can still have other good performances on the field. Our football team rose up all across the field in different spots to help Jared out. Jared has a good eye and has the ability to make cuts like a running back. With this offense, that’s pretty important.”

On Zach Guyer:
“I was confident in Zach. He’s perfect for four games straight now and he’s also been practicing like that.”

On the team’s 5-4 record:
“All three years we’ve been 5-4. We have an open date and a chance to improve our football team. We’re going to focus on the funda­mentals and try to improve every aspect of our football game before we play Oklahoma State. We’ve won two games in a row. Today was a beautiful victory. This was a great win for this 2011 team and now we have to continue to build on it. The players know where we’re at. I don’t have any doubts that we’re going to stay focused for the rest of the games we have this season.”

On the linebackers performance:
“They’re a veteran group. All of them have been playing the same defense for three years under Wally Burnham and there’s a lot to be said for that. There’s a chemistry there to how they communicate. I think our linebacking core has been playing really well.”

Iowa State quarterback Jared Barnett

On the game:
“It was rough. Kansas really came out to play. We had to execute and at some points in the game we didn’t but we came out with a vic­tory and that’s what counts.”

From last week to this week:
“I just had to reset my mind after all of the turnovers and make sure I was ready to lead the team down the field. KU really came out to play and made things difficult for us and for me.”

On KU stopping the run and making him make plays:
“They shut off our running backs. They were keying in on them making me make the decisions with the ball. At the end of the game they keyed in on me and opened up lanes for the running backs.”

Iowa State running back Jeff Woody

On winning ugly:
“A win is a win by one or one hundred. When we played as poorly as we did offensively in the first half, and you manage to pull out and win. The defense played well all day. They gave up a few drives but managed to stop the points.”

On Barnett running the ball:
“JB is quick as a whip. Whenever a play breaks down, he can just take off and out run the secondary, linebackers, and linemen. It makes the defense stay on their toes and makes it almost impossible to contain him. When JB has his legs going like today it’s a good thing for us.”