Postgame Quotes

Nov. 6, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 68, Pittsburg State 43
November 6, 2011

Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:
“I love the turnover numbers, but the rebounding numbers are going to make me get an ulcer. How you can force someone into 26 turnovers and they still get five more shots, is just absolutely the definition of just terrible work on the glass. I was doing the math out there, they miss 45 shots and get 19 offensive rebounds. That’s four out of 10 shots that they get the ball back. On our end, we shoot the ball well, but miss 28 shots and only get seven offensive rebounds. That percentage is a lot lower. We have to clean that up. I bark all week (about rebounding) and I guess I need to keep on barking–I might need a bite because the bark isn’t working too well. I might need some bite in it. We have to get better there. There is just no excuse not to. We have a lot of confidence, I guess, that our (shooter) is going to make it because our effort when the ball is up in the air–we stop working. We have to continue to work and get inside of people. Now if you look at offensive rebounds in the first half, it’s rotational. We aren’t able to contain one-on-one so then their big guy steps over and Caroline (Davis) steps over and then someone gets beat down the lane while Angel (Goodrich) is trying to get inside of (Larissa Richards) to get a rebound and she has to. We’re probably not going to win that battle a whole lot. We have to be able to contain someone in one-on-one and force a tough two or the pull-up. On a pull-up there is no rotation. Everyone can stay locked down and stay matched up. We’re really getting pulled in that mismatch on the back side of stuff.”

On the close score at halftime:
“I thought our sense of urgency coming out of the locker room with that first group was a lot better than it was in the first half. They played 80 in an 80 and we tried to guard them at 60 in an 80. They just ran it right up our throat and got loose and got rebounds and kick-out threes. Our first shot offense wasn’t very good. Our first shot defense was good at times, but not our second or third shot, as far as the box out part. That’s why they were able to stay in (the game). We don’t execute very well offensively. We don’t get out in transition a whole lot. We went through a stretch where we turned them over probably two-out-of-four possessions. Then we got a little gap and (the score) went to 27-20 somewhere in there, but heck they almost score going into the half. We had no sense of urgency defensively to sit underneath and force a tough shot–in any position one through four. Our fours really struggled guarding (Lizzy Jeronimus). All she wanted to do was drive left and we let her. Our fours have to play better. Fours in our league and in our non-conference stuff get out in space the floor.”

On Caroline Davis struggling to score in the first half:
“She has to shake the guy and move the guy. She has to be a little bit tougher. We have worked on some shots for her to get because she’s so long and her release point would be really high. We didn’t see her do that. She shot it not to get blocked a little bit. She just wasn’t aggressive and didn’t attack the move. I said `It’s great you got blocked twice, now see if you can show the ball and get them up.’ Then Angel (Goodrich) started dropping passes for lay ups and (Davis) started to feel good about herself. It changes the feel of the game for her a little bit. She struggled a little bit with the big kids behind her. We tried to post the four and then (Davis’ defender) just sat in the lane. That’s when we need (Davis) to flash to the free throw line or on ball screen. We said let’s just post (Lizzy Jeronimus) and (Brooke Conley) trying to guard Tania (Jackson) and Aishah (Sutherland). We didn’t make very good decisions in that offensive set either. We made some adjustments in the second half and found mismatches and made some good plays. We got Aishah posted up in a set we don’t always go to all the time, but I thought we could score there.”

On what makes Monica Engelman and Angel Goodrich effective offensively:
“In rhythm (Monica Engelman) will make a lot of shots. She makes the right read and takes what the defense gives her. She has a good one and two dribble jumper. In transition she has been really aggressive towards the rim and those are the kind of shots she got. I thought Angel (Goodrich) got in good rhythm and took good shots, too. She spun once in each half and she would probably like to have those possessions back. That’s a tough move to make. As a defender you never want to let someone get shots in rhythm and in rhythm she’s a pretty good shooter.”

On spreading out the minutes:
“It doesn’t matter if you play five or six minutes or you play 15 or 20 minutes; we’re going to grade you on how you played. It’s a lot of film work for us. You get your opportunity to get on the floor by how hard you work in practice and produce. Then once you get in a game it’s a lot of film work on our end to find out where we break down. If I’m a player I would say `What happens when I got into the game?’ It’s not about making a play it’s, `Can I get a 50-50 ball? Can I box out? Can I make sure my guy never gets an offensive rebound? Can I go get one?’ For young kinds what do they think? `I have to make a shot,’ because that’s all they have done in high school. It’s hard for those young kids to come in and change their mindset. Bunny (Williams) has done the best job of that. She boxes out and gets on the floor. She has embraced `If these older kids around me are pretty good, how can I create me own little niche?’ She will post as hard as anybody. I think of that young group she has probably made the most progress. We can spread the minutes out here (an an exhibition game), but I really didn’t spread them out until we went up 20.”

On Natalie Knight:
“She has gotten good looks in rhythm and uncontested. She has to knock one down, but she doesn’t kill you on the offensive end. She doesn’t take you out of a set. She keeps you in an offense and plays within herself. She will make shots. It’s not like the kid can’t shoot the ball. Right now she can keep us in a flow. With that first group she is just trying to get the ball where it’s supposed to go. She gets it back to Angel (Goodrich) when she is supposed to or throws it inside if she is supposed to our swings it to Monica (Engelman) if she is supposed to. As a freshman, she is not in there trying to take the shots she can’t make. She is getting shots she can make, but she has to knock them down.”

On freshman Asia Boyd not playing many minutes:
“She has to be able to guard. If you look at her six minutes, she got beat a lot. You have to play at that level in the pace of the game. It’s what it is for her. You have to be able to contribute and produce and keep us in an offense, guard and rebound and all of those things. We don’t have a lot of people doing that right now, but if you play six minutes do the best you can for six minutes. Don’t ever get beat and always box out and be where you’re supposed to be defensively. If it’s only six minutes I am going to notice that, but I am going to notice if you’re not doing it, too. You have to come back and work hard every day in practice and chip away at it. Does the kid want to get it right? Sure she does. She just has to turn up the motor in practice every day.”

On Keena Mays returning to the lineup:
“Some (of her) shot selection we will look at. She kind of settled and took a couple of bad shots. The best thing she did was push the ball in transition. Defensively she has to be better for us. There shouldn’t be that disparity between how Angel (Goodrich) can guard and how Keena can guard. She has to be able to contain a little bit better and I know she is capable of it.”

Kansas senior Aishah Sutherland
On the challenges down low against Pittsburg State:
“The biggest challenge for me in the game was getting into foul trouble early and keeping my head in the game.”

On being outrebounded by Pittsburg State:
“We need to be in position to rebound, looking up where the ball’s going to hit and having the knowledge to know where the ball’s going to go after someone shoots the ball. It’s being in the right spot at the right time and being in position to rebound great.”

On the adjustments the team made in the second half:
“We noticed the game was very close at the end of the first half, and that shouldn’t have happened. We came into the locker room, got together and told each other that this is what we needed to do. We came out (in the second half) and did what we were supposed to do.”

Kansas junior Carolyn Davis
On Pittsburg State keeping it close in the first half:
“I think they played at a really high level today. They were going hard, and they were speeding up the game. We were playing slower than our usual pace, and we talked about that at halftime. We weren’t playing our game, and I think that’s what it came down to.”

On being outrebounded by Pittsburg State:
“We weren’t going and finding people. There were a lot of long rebounds because there were a lot of bad bounces. It was going far, and we were all under the basket. It’s the little things like that we have to work on. We have a week to get it right before our first actual game.”

Kansas junior Monica Engelman
On being ahead by six points at halftime:
“We were a little disappointed. We thought we should be up a little more. When we went to the locker room, we self-checked as a team. Then when (head coach) Bonnie (Henrickson) came in, she self-checked us. That showed when we came out of the locker room; we had a little spark and a little more energy than what we started with.”

On the team’s play in the second half:
“I was much more pleased, and we were much more pleased that we created a gap. We would be very, very disappointed if we kept it how it was in the first half, but we stretched it out so we’ll live with that.”

Pittsburg State head coach Lane Lord
Opening statement:
“First of all, I would like to thank (Kansas head coach) Bonnie (Henrickson) for the great opportunity for Pittsburg State to come play KU. Obviously with a team made up of mostly Kansas and Missouri kids, we’re tickled to death to come play in Allen Fieldhouse. I thought our kids played really hard, especially in the first half. We did a great job of rebounding the ball today. We played Nebraska last Saturday and played a solid 16 minutes there and today we put together a good 20 minutes so we’re getting better. There is an obvious size difference between Division I and Division II athletes across the board. Kansas did what they’re supposed to do in the second half; they really took it to us, but I’m really proud of the way we competed.”

On what was working in the first half:
“Well I thought Larissa (Richards) played – she only had three points – but her defense really helped us and she did a great job on (Carolyn) Davis early in the game. Lizzy (Jeronimus), our freshman who we think is going to be a really nice player for us, did a good job of attacking early, and we got them into a little bit of foul trouble so I was really happy with that. It’s so hard to run an offense when they’re pressuring the wings so I thought Lizzy did a good job.”

On outrebounding Kansas:
“I felt good about 19 offensive rebounds. We’ll take that every single night, but when you miss as many shots as we did, you’re going to have a chance for some offensive rebounds, too. Four-for-15 from the three-point line – we broke the school record last year with three-pointers made in a season, and we have all of those kids back, so I think we’re going to be able to shoot the three. These kids are fast, athletic and strong so I think we’ll be able to shoot better than that. Kansas has improved, especially defensively, and their athleticism took over on us.”

Pittsburg State senior Brooke Conley
On what was working for her today:
“I really took my time, tried to be patient offensively and driving into the paint was working pretty well for me today.”

On what she thought about playing in Allen Fieldhouse:
“I was nervous. A lot of us were nervous, but we all worked as a team and did this together, so win or lose, we’re still Pittsburg.”

On the teams’ plan defensively:
“We knew we needed to box out and rebound. They have a lot of good athletes so we had to box out and rebound, and I thought we did that pretty well. We competed and that’s all we can do.”