Nov. 8, 2007

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Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007

Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the game:

“After the PittsburgState game we talked about coming out of the lockerroom and playing with more confidence on the ball. We got up early and that’s exactly what we were looking for. Then we don’t make shots, we don’t go to the offensive glass, we can’t score, we can’t defend, then we fouled and they go 11-for-14 from the free throw line, and we let them come back into the game. They are a program that expects to win and they came in here expecting to win. If you go down the line, every one of them thought they had a chance to win. The longer you let them play with you the more confidence they get. We couldn’t make free throws when it counted until the end when Danielle McCray and LaChelda Jacobs stepped up for us. We have to play with more consistency but credit EmporiaState. They are a talented team.”

On Danielle McCray:

“She played with a lot of confidence. She played through some fatigue and tried to come out of the game but I looked right up into the rafters and never saw it. Playing through fatigue is good for her. Thought she pressed a little bit in the first half. She let her emotions get her worked up because we were stuck on 27 points for what seemed like an hour and a half. If she doesn’t step up and play big I’m not sure we’re on the right end of this one.”

On missing opportunities to expand the lead:

“We just weren’t adjusting and pressuring the pass. But to be able to knock down some free throws and make some tough plays down the stretch and come out with the win is big for us.”

KU Player Quotes

Sophomore forward Danielle McCray

On fulfilling the leadership role:

“I feel like I’m fulfilling that role. There are times when you feel that you need to step up. Ivana (Catic) and Taylor (McIntosh) are captains, but sometimes we need other players to step up; I feel that tonight was one of those times. Everyone on the team still recognizes them as our leaders. Tonight was just my time to step up and take charge.”

On what Kansas learned from exhibition play:

“We learned a lot about our defense. At the beginning of the game we were playing really great defense. We were getting up in the passing lanes and getting steals. There was a point when the score was stuck at 27 (points) for a long time and that’s when we got out of our game.

On playing EmporiaState:

“It helps (to play one of the best teams in Division II). It also gives us the mindset of not overlooking the team. It is important to keep in mind that we should always play to the level that we are capable of.”

Freshman forward Nicollette Smith

On the first half:

“We started to relax and that is what hurt us. We needed to continue to play through and put (Emporia) away in the first half so we didn’t have to go through what we went through tonight.”

On Danielle McCray:

“She was amazing. She was a little off in the first half, but fortunately she was ready to go in the second half; there was no way that we were going to get beat.”

Opponent Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Brandon Schneider

On the game:

“They jumped out on us early and a lot of that had to do with their defensive energy and our inexperience. I thought our kids showed a lot of heart, and continued to compete every single possession. We found ourselves with at least an opportunity in regulation. In overtime, Becky Zabel fouling out really hurt us defensively. When she was not in foul trouble she did a pretty good job on (Danielle) McCray and when we lose her, we just do not have anyone that can hold a kid like that in check. She (McCray) imposed her will on us and made some big plays. I am really proud of Cassondra (Boston) for her effort tonight and taking a lot of the scoring load on her shoulders when we struggled to get into any kind of offense.”

On Kansas Forward Danielle McCray:

“She is obviously a Big 12 athlete. Her size and athleticism is a tough cover for anybody at our level, but Becky Zabel at least has the length and speed to stay with her.”

On the offensive struggle:

“A lot of it had to do with KU. I thought they opened up the game with great energy and intensity on the defensive end. There are some things that we are going to do better, but a lot of it has to do with the level of competition that you are playing and the newness of the season.”

On EmporiaState’s defense:

“I think our defense kept us in it. That is something that we spend a lot of time working on and we take a lot of pride in it. We knew that we were going to have trouble guarding (Sade) Morris and McCray in one-on-one situations. On the other matchups we felt decent about because they are not overly big in the post. They hurt us on the offensive glass, especially number 34 (Porscha Weddington). She is just an animal on the boards. I thought we did an okay job on Morris, but McCray was a little too much to handle.”

Sophomore Guard Cassondra Brown

On creating her own shot in the game’s final minutes:

“I wasn’t actually creating my own shot. We had picks set for me. I was coming of a pick and I felt like I had the shot, so I took it.”

On the offensive struggle:

“I think it is just us learning how to play with each other. We are not used to each other right now. That is something that we are going to have to work through.”

On opening the game with six straight turnovers:

“I know that I had a lot of those turnovers. A lot of it was that we were having problems getting into the offense and that has a lot to do with us learning how to play together.