Postgame Notes

Nov. 8, 2009

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Kansas 85 – Emporia State 48

Postgame Quotes

Nov. 8, 2009

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the game:

“Emporia State is dinged up and I know that. They have a couple of kids that will be difference makers for that team when they get back. I thought that at times we showed great spurts. We forced some tough shots and got out in transition a couple times. We have got to get better at guarding the ball one-on-one which turned into some uncontested threes. They did a nice job finding the open player early in the first half and early in the second half. I was not pleased with the start of either half, but things settled down and we started to guard and made them rush a little bit. Overall there were some good minutes from the kids on the bench and that is what this time of year is for.”

On the team’s rebounding:

“Krysten led us on the offensive glass to start the game and tried to set the tone and tempo. Then Nicollette followed suit right behind her. We rebounded much better in the second half obviously.”

On the whole team stepping up:

“I think that we are a work in progress. For us to be able to put the bench in and hold and grow the lead; we were able to do that. Those kids need to kind of recognize what is my niche, what do I bring, and what is my role on this team. It is the early part of November they don’t know that and we don’t know that and we are inching closer to having a better feel for that.”

Senior Danielle McCray

On comparing this year’s team to last year’s team:

“We are definitely more athletic. We run the ball and push in transition. We’re playing a lot more aggressively. When we played Emporia State two years ago, our game was focused on set plays and half-court plays. This year, we’re running and gunning and that’s what helps us now. Angel (Goodrich) pushes us in transition and we’ve been running the ball well.”

Sophomore Aishah Sutherland

On what she has improved upon since last game:

“I was more consistent in the second half. I was better rebounding and scoring, but I still need to work on defending.”

On preparing to the regular season:

“The non-conference looks really tough, but I am ready to get the real games going.”

Senior Sade Morris

On improving since the last game:

“I feel like our defense got a lot better. We also did well in transition.”

On the improvement of Krysten Boogaard’s play:

“It was obvious every time she got a touch, she was looking to score, which was better than the previous game. She was much more aggressive”

On the difficult non-conference schedule:

“I haven’t looked too far in advance because I want to take it one game at a time. I don’t want to get myself too worked up over it, so I just take it one game at a time.”

Emporia State Head Coach Brandon Schneider

On how his team played overall:

“The first half our execution was really poor on the offensive end and that translated to bad defense. Typically I’m a defense first guy, but I thought our defensive issues were a result of bad offense and great defense by Kansas with their athleticism and their ability to extend the floor and pressure us. We didn’t handle it very well. In the second (half) I thought we showed some brighter spots. We were competitive for a couple stretches there. For our new kids I thought Negesti Taylor and Rachel Hanf were bright spots. To be new players and come into this environment and make a few plays is a real positive.”

On his team’s play at the beginning of each half:

“The first eight minutes of the first half and the second half we weren’t bad. We did some good things. Obviously we’re a little fresher. We don’t have a bench right now. I think when they go to their bench and they’re bringing kids in, they are probably better than our starters. We’re obviously at this level going to have a pretty big drop from our bench and that’s when they can really bust it open on you.”

On the play of senior Cassondra Boston:

“When Cassondra has a little more help she is going to be better. At a couple of positions we didn’t get much of anything on the offensive end. As we learn and execute better and we have some other threats out there, it opens up the floor for her.”

Emporia State Senior Guard Cassondra Boston

On Kansas:

“They play together really well. They run and push the ball really well. They are just a really good team. They had a lot of height on us and that really helped them out. We’re not very big.”

On Kansas’ defense:

“They were keying on me and trying not to let me score. They last time we played them we had Michelle Stueve and that’s what got me open last time. Their main focus was to stop me this time.”

On opening the season:

“It’s our first exhibition game so it’s something I definitely looked forward to. You get up for it because they are a big D-I school and the fact that we’re able to compete with them gets us pretty excited.”

Emporia State Junior Center Negesti Taylor

On the game:

“The first half we played really well. We were getting after it. KU is a good team. I watched them when I was at junior college. In the first half we played well, but in the second half we let it get away from us.”

On the Kansas defense:

“I’m used to playing against tall people because I am tall. Their defense was different and the pressure of their defense was different. At times we handled it well, but other than that their defense was great.”

On the team’s development:

“I think we’re coming along great. We’re getting used to playing together and moving around each other. A couple more months and we will be great.”