Quotes from Head Coach Mark Mangino's Weekly Press Conference

Nov. 9, 2004

Mark Mangino Press Conference Quotes

On the Colorado game:

“From an offensive standpoint, we made some plays early in the game. But, we didn’t make enough plays to win the game. Defensively, we played very well. We did a good job for most of the day. The defense continues to play very well and is strong at this point in time. Special teams gave up a big play, which we can not allow. Those type of plays have been costly the last two games.”

On Texas:

“As you know, Texas is outstanding team that has only lost one game this year. They are playing at a very high level right now. You have to be impressed with the comeback against Oklahoma State, as they came roaring back to win. They play defense against the run and pass well. They are a very talented team. On offense, they feature some top notch players. This is a good challenge for us. It is the senior’s last game at Memorial Stadium so we are going to get ready and get after them.”

On the offensive miscues:

“I would like to be able to pin it down, but we just can’t. We turned the ball over on offense for a touchdown against Iowa State. Against Colorado, there is no explanation other than it is poor fundamental football. You have to protect the ball — whether you are a quarterback, running back, or a receiver. We just were not sound fundamentally on those plays.” On the defense:

“Every team brings a new challenge and offensive system for our defense to face. I am confident in our entire defense. It (the Texas game) will be a challenge for us, but if you look at the way we have played defense all year, we have not taken a back seat to anybody.” On John Randle:

“He is truly not 100 percent yet. He is playing on a lot of grit and determination, but he has handled the job well. We are hoping that this week will be the first time he will feel 100 percent.” On John Nielsen:

“He is a real smart guy and had a real good practice yesterday. The initial parts of the game plan were put in yesterday and he looked sharp. He got his reads and we are going to play to the things he does well. He will manage the game well and now that he is getting repetitions on the practice field, he understands that he is the guy. He has taken on that role rather well.” On end of the season:

“We have a BCS team coming in here and we are looking forward to competing with them. We have the game on the road at the end of the season that we are looking forward to as well. Our kids are very capable of making plays on all sides of the ball. We just want to make sure we do everything we can to be successful in those two games. We will do everything we possibly can.” On this year’s senior class:

“They are a special group of kids. They bought in to what we are doing here and have worked very hard without any complaints. Although they are not going to get a chance for post season play, they understand that their role here is part of the foundation for a successful future. They have done that and are great kids. We are going to miss this senior class because they have truly dedicated themselves at making Kansas football better. As players and coaches, we see it getting better everyday, but the seniors see it as being the foundation for the future. They have given their all to make this program better and Kansas football will not forget them. They will always be a part of the tough task that we have taken on and they helped make it better.” On quarterback injuries:

“All three injuries happened differently. One was a scramble and Adam (Barmann) was laying on his side. Bill (Whittemore) last year was laying on his back, being hit on the ground. Jason (Swanson) got his on a screen pass and was knocked to the ground. I have a lot of confidence in our strength staff. Chris Dawson works our players very hard and he is an expert at the breakdown of the body muscles. These injuries just happened.” On Marcus Herford:

“He’s made our defense better down on the scout team because he can run and throw. He is going to be pretty good. He is such a great athlete.”

Player Quotes

Senior center Joe Vaughn

On leaving a mark on the 2004 season:

“We are obviously playing for pride now. We just have to play it out. We have worked hard all year. We prepared for eleven games this season, so we will not just play nine. We are still hungry and we still want to play. Everyone is still in good spirits and we are ready to pull off an upset.”

On the quarterback carousel:

“It really doesn’t matter but you notice the change. We have had a lot of injuries in the past and right now. Whoever we stick in there we have to play with as an offensive line. We just keep playing and rolling with the punches.”

On possibly being a spoiler:

“Our main goal is to win the next two ball games and we will do anything in our power to get that done.”

Senior Safety Tony Stubbs:

On playing in his last home game:

“It’s real tough. I came here in 2000 and it has gone by real fast. I am excited for the game but you also just have to move on.”

On the direction of the KU football program:

“I am very pleased on how things are going. Our record doesn’t show how everything is going for this team but you can expect to see some big changes here in the years to come.”

On the Texas offense:

“They have a good offense that can pass and run the ball. We just have to be assignment sound and play our hardest to win.”