Coach Gill Meets with Media Wednesday Evening

Nov. 9, 2011

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill met with the media following the team’s practice Wednesday evening. The team worked out on the practice fields adjacent to the Anderson Football Complex during the first four stations of practice and finished things under the lights at Memorial Stadium.

Coach Gill announced that freshman running back Brandon Bourbon will miss the remainder of the season with an injury he sustained in the Iowa State game.

Below is a transcript of Coach Gill’s interview:

Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill

On Brandon Bourbon’s mindset after being injured:
“He’s disappointed. I think we all are (for him). I’ve been on that side of it where you have an injury and you don’t get to play in any (remaining) games, or whatever the situation may be. But we all have to look at what’s in the best interest for him. That’s always the first priority as far as what’s the best interest for him as far as safety and medically.”

On who will see the carries that Bourbon would be getting:
“It will be some of what we have been doing in the past. It might be one or two guys who get the bulk of the carries, but which two, we are still deciding going into this particular game. We have plenty of running backs who can carry the load.”

On if there were any changes because of the statement that the team needs to get in the end zone this week:
“We talk about it with our guys (but haven’t really done anything different). The bottom line is just execution. We need to stay focused on all the small details: hand placement, feet movement and making sure everybody is doing the things that they need to do. (We need to) just tighten all those things up, be more detailed and make sure that the players are too. It’s a matter of re-emphasizing (some things). We all know that you get what you emphasize for the most part. We’re just trying to emphasize it a little more.”

On who is running plays as Robert Griffin III on the scout team this week:
“Michael Cummings. I don’t think we have anybody who is going to directly simulate (Robert Griffin III), but we do it to the best of our ability. Michael Cummings is a dual threat type of guy that can run and can throw. He’s giving us a pretty good picture, but obviously it’s not going to be exactly the same.”