Big Jay at ESPN

Nov. 10, 2004

I got a call from Dick Vitale to come shoot a Sportscenter commercial.He said, “Come to Bristol baby!”So that’s just what I did.I packed my bags, got on a plane, and flew to Bristol, Connecticut.It was a bit colder when I steeped of the plane in Bristol, but I didn’t mind because my feathers kept me warm.I couldn’t believe I was going to the ESPN headquarters.I was very excited!They hurried me into a car and to the set.Before I knew it there were cameras everywhere.It didn’t scare me one bit.I loved the attention.We shot the commercial over and over again, until we finally got it right and the director yelled, “Cut!”The commercial features me, Big Jay, in the background of a conversation between Scot Van Pelt, a real live ESPN Sportscaster, and David Tidmarsh, the National Spelling Bee Champion!It was! so cool to be around these guys.After we were done shooting we all took many pictures with each other and I got to meet other athletes and ESPN personalities.Such as Heather Mitts the US Women’s Soccer Gold-Medalist, Lennox Lewis the World Champion Boxer, Mike Hall the ESPN’s Dream Job winner, John Anderson the Sportscaster, and best of all…………………the Oregon Duck!We are good buddies now.Since we’re both birds we got along great!

After this great day at ESPN it was time for me to say good-bye to my new friends and head back to Kansas.I will never forget the time I went to Bristol, Connecticut to shoot a Sportscenter commercial.

Look for the commercial to air in 2 months as a part of the “this is Sportscenter” ad campaign.

-Big Jay