Bill Self Press Conference Quotes, 11-10

Nov. 10, 2004


Kansas Head Basketball Coach Bill Self

On the upcoming game against Washburn:
“I think our post defense has to get better. We’ll guard a guy from Washburn that can score in the post. I think he had 25 at Purdue and I’ve been to Purdue and lost by double figures a couple of times so I know that it is not an easy place to go. It was a four point game with three or four minutes left and if you look at the stats, Purdue shot 42 free throws and I think Washburn only shot 15, so Purdue had a pretty good whistle and they still stuggled. I’m sure Bob (Chipman) will do some things to change defenses to see how we adjust and adapt. They may play some zone like Emporia State did for a couple of possessions. We’ll see if we can build off of what we did (against Emporia State). It will be nice to go against some good competition like Washburn, who is very well coached.”

On Alex Galindo:
“I don’t think that he felt very well and obviously I don’t think he was pleased with how he played. Alex has to learn to be able to play without shooting the ball. Right now his thoughts are `let that baby go,’ and he lets it go better than anybody that I’ve coached in a while but he has to learn how to do some other things. He understands that and he will play as game situations dictate and as he practices. He may play more this Sunday if he performs better in practice and gets in a little better shape.”

On the Big 12 Conference:
“I won’t say that the Big 12 is definitely the best league because I think leagues are cyclical. I think that the teams with the upper-classmen returning that can really play are always going to have an advantage. I’ve been in the Big Ten when Michigan State and us (Illinois) were both one seeds and I’ve been in leagues where our best seed was a four. I would say that when you look at a leagues’ post season success, marquee players, and rankings throughout the season, you would have to say that the Big 12 is on a level playing field with the best. I do think that there will be some years when others (conferences) appear to be better and some years when we (Big 12 conference) appear to be better. Right now I think the Big 12 is as good as there is.”

On this year’s team rebounding:
“I think we’ll be a pretty good rebounding team but I don’t know if we’ll be a great rebounding team. J.R. (Giddens) has to become a better rebounder and Keith (Langford) has to get his five a game. The three big freshmen have to collectively rebound the ball at 10 to 12 a game. If we do those things then I think this will be a very good rebounding team. Last year we were average to pretty good, this year we need to be pretty good to great as far as differential on the boards because this team is capable of stealing some extra possessions.”

On the performance of the freshmen against Emporia State:
“I thought Russell (Robinson) played pretty well and I thought the three big guys all showed flashes of playing pretty well. To be honest, I thought all four of those guys played pretty well. Alex (Galindo) didn’t play as much and didn’t get into the flow much like the others. The others all played about 16 minutes and it was a good opportunity to get to see them play.”

On playing Emporia State and Washburn:
“I think that they would agree that it is good for the game and to keep the money in-state. From our standpoint, when you play Washburn, if there are any gameday tickets available for whatever reason you would think that their fans would buy them. Last years’ exhibition teams may have had better players because they were 23 or 24 years old, but as far as being coached and put out there in game conditions you can learn more and get ready to play the teams that we are going to play. David Moe had a team that lost four starters that was a top 25 team last year. Bob Chipman has a team that returns six of their top ten, four of their top seven scorers, and has a team that was arguably as good as any team in America last year for a large portion of the season. With the way they played Purdue the other night, I can’t imagine them not coming in here and giving us a great game. They (Washburn) may be the best exhibition team that Kansas has played in a while because they are well coached, have good players and have experience.”