10 Questions With Sherron Collins

Nov. 10, 2006

Saturday’s game feature highlights Jayhawk guard Sherron Collins, one of three freshmen making their debut in Allen Fieldhouse.

A standout basketball, baseball and football player at Crane Tech Prep in Chicago, Ill., Collins joined a long line of Kansas recruits in becoming a McDonald’s All-American in 2006. He averaged an amazing 33 points, eight rebounds and six assists per game in his senior season and was ranked the No. 4 point guard in the country by rivals.com.

Collins recently sat down with Mike Cummings of the Kansas Media Relations staff to give Jayhawk fans an inside look at this talented freshman.

1. What made you decide to come to KU?
S.C.: I came to Late Night [last year], and I was really impressed by the way people care about basketball around here. Basketball is like a religion down here. And I feel like Coach Self can make me the best college athlete I can be.

2. What is the most important thing you can bring to this team as a freshman?
Vocal leadership, aggressiveness, tough defense… just overall toughness.

3. What has been your most memorable basketball moment so far?
Boot Camp. Just getting up at 5:00 in the morning and as a team how we’ve responded to Coach Self.

4. Tell me one thing you hope to accomplish in your first season at KU.
As a team, we’d like to just win the whole thing. Win a national championship.

5. Why did you choose No. 4?
I’ve been No. 3 most of my life. When I got here, Russell Robinson already had No. 3. So I just called home and asked my brother `what jersey number should I wear?’ and he said four. So that’s what I chose.

6. When you play one-on-one with your brother, who wins?
Right now, I probably get the best of him, but back a year ago, two years ago, he would win, then I would win, he would win, I would win; it would just be back-and-forth.

7. You list Disney World as your favorite vacation spot. How old were you when you went and what do you remember about it?
I went when I was 13 on a baseball trip. We played in Disney’s Wide World of Sports in a tournament. It was great, at night it just glowed, it was amazing.

8. You list NBA Live as your favorite video game. Who is the best NBA Live player on the team, other than you?
Brandon Rush and Darrell Arthur. We play each other and we beat each other back-and-forth, nobody wins all the time.

9. Stuart Scott is your favorite sports personality. What is your favorite Stuart Scott expression?
He’s just funny all the time. Just all the different things he says. I don’t really have a favorite expression.

10. You said if you could meet one historical figure, it would be Martin Luther King, Jr. What would you say to him if you ever had the chance to meet him?
I’d ask him how he did what he did. I think he changed the way everybody got along with each other, not just blacks and whites, but everybody. A lot of people owe it to all to him.