Assistant Coach Tamika Raymond Blogs About Her First Jayhawk Experiences

Nov. 11, 2008


Kansas women’s basketball assistant coach Tamika Raymond pens a new blog about her first days on campus, Late Night and getting settled in Lawrence.

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Hello Jayhawkers, Where should I start…my first football game, our playoff run, Late Night, my first coaches vs. Hudy workout, meeting our future 2009 class, working with Bonnie and her wonderful staff, our first game, eating wings at Jefferon’s or breakfast at Milton’s, me finding a place to live…….WHERE do I start?

My transition back into the coaching world has been smooth. I thought the women’s basketball staff was great before I got here, but now they have become extended family. From Lew and his better better better half, Gwen to Bonnie, the city of Lawrence, and our special players…it has been clear sailing. The people truely make the place.

Let’s start with Late Night, it was an emotional rollercoaster for me because it was unlike anything I had ever experienced in the realm of basketball in my 28 years of life. The National Championship celebration reminded me of my old glory days and the fans are amazing. To see our men’s and women’s team perform, play and enjoy the moment was great to see. I know one thing….if I were at Late Night in 1997….I would have told Bonnie to sign me up:-)

Being in Connecticut all summer/fall, I missed some early football games so it was nice to get back to see some big time football. BUT, there is nothing like KU basketball! Walking thru the halls full of tradition and pride….and now with all the renovations…this place will not only be state of the art but a polished basketball mecca. Not only will we have tradition, we will mix in a little new to refine the old.

The city of Lawrence has been great to me especially all the nice little resturants. The people here are extremely friendly and they love this University. I did find a nice place close to campus and I enjoy the area it’s in because there are so many eateries, shopping areas, and grocery stores. I still have a few areas I need to hit up in Lawrence and when I do I will be sure to tell you all about them.

This team has been very receptive which has made my job pleasant. Bonnie, Katie and Karen have put a lot of elbow grease into this program and I think I have come in at the right time to reap all the benefits:-)lol It is not easy to change a program around, but they have done it well and now it is starting to pay off. Our girls get challenged everyday, personally and as an athlete, and they continue to come back for more….they are resiliant that way! I’ve enjoyed my almost two months with our team and I can’t wait to get the season started to see how much better we are from last year.

My hubby, Ben, is doing well down in Dallas doing the State Farm thing and life here at KU is as good as it gets!!!

Our first game is coming up quick and we are ready! I leave you with this….it’s a little something I’ve learned my short stay at KU…. Rockkkkkk Chalkkkk Jayhawkkkkkk……(Scream) Rockkkk Chalkkk Jayhawkkkkk…(Scream more) Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU …Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!!!

I even know what the cheerleaders do during this chant:-)lol

Rock Chalk Jayhawk,

Tamika Raymond