Kansas Rowing Breaks Kansas State's Streak

Nov. 12, 2005


Kansas rowing excelled to end its Fall season as the winner of the 10th Annual Sunflower Showdown in Manhattan. The Jayhawks broke Kansas State’s three-year win streak winning 14-10. The race, which was held on the Tuttle Creek Lake Reservoir, was a 2,000 meter, side-by-side race format. Each of the five races resulted with team points: Second Varsity Eight (5 points), First Varsity Eight (8 points), First Novice Eight (5 points), Second Novice Eight (3 points) and the Varsity Four (3 points). The Varsity Four race was delayed and shortened to 1,500 meters due to windy conditions out on the water.

“I am really excited about our win against Kansas State,” head coach Rob Catloth said. “We have been rowing and playing hard all Fall season. This win ends the season on a great note.”

The first race was the Second Varsity Eight, Kansas State came in first with a time of 7:39.5 and inching close behind was Kansas with a time of 7:40.6. Kansas was then victorious in the First Varsity Eight with a time of 6:36.2, followed by Kansas State at 6:46.3.

The Wildcats took the First Novice Eight race with a time of 7:03.2, with the Jayhawks’ two boats finishing at 8:00.6 and 8:44.6, respectively. Kansas was then successful in the Second Novice Eight race with a time of 7:30.2. Kansas State finished at 7:48.6 and Kansas’ other boat in the Second Novice Eight took third with 8:38.3.

The final race of the day, the Varsity Four, secured Kansas its win at the Sunflower Showdown. Kansas finished first with a time of 7:05.6, while Kansas State’s two boats in the race finished second and third with no times announced.

The Jayhawks will open their Spring season on March 23 against SMU in Dallas.

-Complete Results Below –

Second Varsity Eight
1) Kansas State 7:39.5
2) Kansas 7:40.6

First Varsity Eight
1) Kansas 6:36.2
2) Kansas State 6:46.3

First Novice Eight
1) Kansas State 7:03.0
2) Kansas (A) 8:00.6
3) Kansas (C) 8:44.6

Second Novice Eight
1) Kansas (B) 7:30.2
2) Kansas State 7:48.6
3) Kansas (D) 8:38.3

Varsity Four
1) Kansas 7:05.6
2) Kansas State (B) NTA
3) Kansas State (A) NTA