Kansas vs. Emporia State

Nov. 13, 2005

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Kansas Postgame Quotes
Kansas 83, Emporia State 53
November 13, 2005

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On Emporia State:
“They are a quality team in their league. I think they are going to have a great year. We have a tremendous respect for what we knew they’d bring to Allen Fieldhouse today. I think our kids took the game seriously and played it like any Big 12 game, like we should have. They got some good looks early, with us not rotating and not communicating. I thought when we got down to it and defended and focused and concentrated, I thought we forced tough shots.”

On Crystal Kemp:
“For Crystal (Kemp) to struggle like she did, but for her to understand she’s got some offense around her. We don’t want her to struggle like that ever again, but it’s good to know that we have some kids with confidence that can come up and take shots and make shots.”

On Ivana Catic:
“I thought she made good decisions. She takes good shots and makes the right pass off of penetration.”

On offensive balance:
“I thought we had playmakers and I thought we had people who could get players uncontested shots. Jamie Boyd has improved, she’s more confident. Taylor McIntosh is more confident. The kids who are returning are still able to score, but I think at times I think we can score differently.”

On Taylor McIntosh:
“Off penetration she’s starting to find gaps and get a pass and finish it. We need for her to take shots and make shots. She is still all over the glass; always has been always will be.”

On the game:
“For us defensively we were better today. We still have to be better and continue to work. We did a better job of getting our hands up. I think our continuity is good. I really like their chemistry and I love their unselfishness.”

Senior Guard Kaylee Brown
On her performance:
“At first I was kind of struggling a little bit, but Coach (Henrickson) told me to do something different at practice; so that is what I’m trying to do.”

On the team:
“I felt like our press gave us a lot more. We came up with more energy and steals when we were in our press. I like the fact that we can push in transition. I really think we need to work on our defense a lot, Coach (Henrickson) said that we need to work on our pressure as well.”

On the guards:
“With having multiple guards out on the floor at one time, Erica (Hallman) and I feel like we are a lot harder to defend this year.”

Sophomore Guard Taylor McIntosh
On her performance:
“I was able to run and beat some players in transition. My teammates found me and I was able to score. I am happy about that because I did not score last week. Last week, I was disappointed in myself; I came out today more focused and I played a lot better.”

On the defense:
“We always emphasize our defense more than our offense and I think that really helps us out a lot.”

On the future:
“I think we need to keep working on everything. Our defense looked good today, but we still made a lot of mistakes. We need to keep making improvements in our defense and staying in our offense.”

Emporia State Head Coach Brandon Schneider
On the difference between the first half and the second:
“I think the difference was point guard play. Our point guards had a real hard time with their pressure, taking command of our troops and getting into any offense. That is the only position that we don’t return any experience, and it’s an area that we have to get better at in a hurry. I got after our point guards at halftime and sometimes you come out with your tail between your legs or you come out and respond. I was happy with how Tegan (Stuart) responded.

On the team’s struggles:
“I think our biggest weakness today was coachability. Obviously KU’s athleticism, especially on the perimeter, had a lot to do with it. But I would have like to have seen a better defensive effort from our team. We gave up a lot of baskets on baseline double screens. Repeatedly, we didn’t guard the way we had been coached. We gave up some baskets on the screen-and-roll. If we guard the way we are coached and just aren’t good enough, I can live with that. But there were too many situations today on the defensive end where we did our own thing too much.”

On the difference between KU and K-State:
“I might have to give the nod to KU’s athleticism on the perimeter. K-State probably has more depth on the interior. Those are two things that jump out at me. They are two programs that are going to be competitive in the Big 12.”

Sophomore Forward Michelle Steuve
On being in foul trouble:
“It was definitely frustrating being in foul trouble and having to watch a lot of the game. It was nobody’s fault but my own. I knew how the game was being called and I just didn’t adjust in the right ways.”

On the teams offensive struggles:
“We knew what we are supposed to be doing, we just have second feelings. We are just a little hesitant and not for sure on some things. I think we will get to the point where we are for sure on what we are supposed to be doing and have the confidence to run it effectively.”

Junior Center Casey Henningson
On KU’s post players:
“They are physical. It was a fun game. They have a real big girl and a real quick girl and it was fun to match up against them.”

On playing in Allen Fieldhouse:
“I used it as excitement. There is a lot of tradition in this gym and I used it to fire me up.”

Junior Guard Tegan Stuart
Comparing this KU team to last year:
“I think they have a better program this year. They have quicker girls.”

On KU’s guards:
“They definitely have some athletic guards. They don’t allow you to face up much and they have some girls coming off the bench that are as athletic as well. Games like this are opportunities for us to get better.”