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Nov. 14, 2010

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Kansas Postgame Quotes

Kansas 73, South Dakota 40

November 14, 2010

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

Opening Statement:

“Defensively, I didn’t think we started with the bounce we had against Washburn. But I thought a couple minutes into it we got it, and dictated a little bit more where the penetration went. Our weak side didn’t come out. Angel takes one charge, and I thought we would take a couple more off the penetration.

Offensively, I think we were really good for awhile and then about the six-minute mark we just go eight empty possessions and (in) five of those the post didn’t touch it at all. And when I said that to them they looked at me like, ‘Really?’. We have to develop a feel, and that’s some kids that haven’t played a lot and that is some young kids. We have got to get the ball inside, drive and get fouled. We can’t go eight empty and the fifth of the eight is a three. We looked really ugly there offensively, but the good news is we scored 73 points and I thought we shot it well and we executed and certainly we didn’t when we didn’t.

Tania and her ability to space – sometimes it’s hard for a low post. Krysten’s working her butt off to post, so it’s Tania’s guy that’s sitting behind waiting to double, and that’s why Tania is open at the three, that’s why Aishah is open at the free throw line. When you have good low post players that often happens with that other trailing post. I thought we executed a couple things really well, but there are some really good things on film for our young kids.”

On how many players she likes to use in the rotation:

“Well everybody plays eight, but if we can get that kind of lead and not drop off, then I think we are able to do that right now. I think everyone today brought something to the table, whether it be on the offensive end or the defensive end, but when you get a lead like that it will force you to get some kids in the first half that you might not normally be able to.”

On inexperience within the program:

“Depending on what the play call is, I have to be careful of who I have on the floor. There are some things we are not going to run if Monica is not in right now, because we have to grow and that’s where it’s good for me to be able to use the bench so we can figure out if she can play in this offensive set at that position and if not we have to grow it, because half of what we play in now is different from last year to find Carolyn and Krysten inside. We have two kids that have played in our program more than two years, Aishah and Krysten, that’s it. I feel it more offensively about who can be where in what set. We are a work in progress there.”

On the identity of the team:

“Inside-out; Tania has a green light to shoot it from the three and Brooke has a green light to shoot it from the three, and Monica has a light green, dark gold — she’s working on it. But everybody else is an inside out three. It has to go in touch a big, come out, then you can, and not everybody has even that. Not everybody shoots the three that well.”

RS-Freshman Forward Tania Jackson

On the team’s defense:

“The key to defense is communication and we did a better job this game of communicating with each other.”

On rebounding

“I think we crashed the boards really hard today. Coach Bonnie Henrickson puts a lot of emphasis on rebounding and that is one of the main things we want to focus on this year. I know Keena Mays had seven boards and that is an improvement for our guards to go out there and rebound.”

On her first college basketball game

“I think one of the main things for me this game was to be aggressive on the court. I wasn’t shocked that I made the three pointer, but through the help of my teammates and hard work I have that confidence to knock down the three.”

Sophomore Point Guard Angel Goodrich

On turnovers

“I think that we need to me more cautious of what we throw. I think that a lot of time we see someone open then we pause and then we want to throw the ball. We need to work on once we see someone open, throwing it rather than waiting.”

On Keena Mays

“When she comes in the game and works hard like she did this game it gives me an adrenaline rush because there is so much she can do. I think she can play like this every time she gets on the court. She has speed, quickness, and great no look passes. I like the fact that she is such an unselfish player.”

Sophomore Center Carolyn Davis

On rebounding

“We have been doing a lot of rebounding drills in practice and I think that has really been helping us out. I also think that a lot more people are going to the board which is helping the team get bigger numbers.”

On Keena Mays’ seven rebounds

“I think that her rebounding was really good today. We have talked about sending four people to the boards and that will be very good for us once we start conference play.”

On the team

“I think we did pretty well today and I am glad we got the big win because it helps our confidence.”

On being double teamed

“It is hard to get catches and finish around the rim, but we have been working on doubling so I know that it is coming. My team is doing a good job of getting open and getting into the gaps for me to throw them the ball. It doesn’t matter if I score as long as we get the points. That is all that matters.”

South Dakota Head Coach Ryun Robinson

Opening Statements:

“I think Kansas has a pretty good basketball team. I think their athleticism and length disrupted what we wanted to do out there. Playing a game like this, we want to try and take the positives from it. I think we executed better as the game went on. They are a very good basketball team. We got exposed in some areas that we are not used to getting exposed in. Their size and length is hard to deal with.”

On the team’s scoring drought in the first half:

“You just need to execute. You need to try and get the best shot you can possibly get. Defensively, they’re good. They got out and really kind of made our motion become a stand still motion. We quit moving our body. We tried to play through Amber (Hegge) in a couple of those situations and maybe try to get to the foul line. But that’s where we’ve got to grow. I don’t care who you’re playing, you can’t have eight minutes of scoreless basketball. You’ve got to find a way to score, whether it’s getting to the foul line or having defense create offense. That was a disappointing drought. I thought during that run, we had four or five opportunities with put-backs and what not. We got some of those shots off that we are capable of making. If you convert two or three of those, then maybe it’s a little bit different later on.”

On the team’s post play:

“We’ve got pretty good post play. I thought Jodie Boss was really good. She had five blocks and she can change a lot of shots. She got in early foul trouble and that hurt. When we’ve got to bring smaller post players in, Kansas is so fast-paced that it’s hard to get up there and contest. Jodie can do that and we tried to double them at times and we were fairly effective. They competed quite well.”